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After Effects May 2024 Release, Packshot AI, Veo and more

School of Motion

In this week's episode of Motion Mondays, we look at some great new quality-of-life features in After Effects' May 2024 release, and see how the Packshot AI tool can turn simple photos into production-ready HDRIs.

Plus, get a sneak peek at Google's revolutionary Veo video model, which transforms text prompts into stunningly high-quality video clips.

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School of Motion Courses Mentioned

16-Bits of Character Animation, Action and Nostalgia

After Effects Kickstart

Animation Bootcamp 

Cinema 4D Basecamp

For more details and links, check out the show notes below.


Show Notes

Adobe’s May 2024 After Effects Release Notes - The latest new features and quality of life updates include improved Freeze performance with Roto Brush, multi-layer keyframe copy-paste and more.

@SternFX ’s New AE Features Round Up - Want a more detailed breakdown of Adobe’s May Features? Then check out this deep dive by SternFX!

Cub Studio’s New Reel - Check out the legendary Cub Studio’s new reel! And right after that, check out Fraser Davidson’s 16-bits of character animation, action, and nostalgia workshop for a glimpse into their creative process.

Substance Modeler 1.1 - Get all the details about release of Adobe Substance Modeller 1.1, including the ability to seamlessly switch between Desktop and VR.

Collin Leix VR Modeling Podcast - Want to find out more about sculpting in VR? Check out our podcast episode with the legendary Collin Leix!

CORRECTION: In the video we mixed up Scenery, the group that put on 36 Days of Cavalry, and Scene Group, the company behind the app.

36 Days of Cavalry - The winners of 36 Days of Cavalry have been announced! Go check out their amazing creations on Instagram.

Cavalry - If you’re unfamiliar with this powerful 2D animation software, you can go try it out for yourself for FREE right here.

Packshot - An incredible new tool using AI to turn a single image into an HDR environment for 3D scenes!

Max Ganiyev (Packshot creator) - Follow the creator of Packshot for updates about this exciting new software.

Ryan Brotherston on Drums + Rive - Animating in Rive using drums? The incredibly talented Ryan Brotherston achieved just that in his latest project.

Connor Henkle - Follow Connor to see his amazing work in sports venue graphics, including behind the scenes content.

CJHFX (Connor’s company) - Check out the full portfolio of this amazing company!

Icons8 AI Generator - A unique new AI illustration generator trained on Icons8 licensed artwork.

Google I/O 2024 Opener - Check out the pre-show for Google I/O '24, a generative AI performance featuring musician Marc Rebillet and Google’s MusicFX DJ.

Google Labs AI Tools - VideoFX is the latest experiment from, and you can check out new updates to MusicFX and ImageFX

Google Veo - Google’s most capable text-to-video generation model to date! Go check out its mind-blowing capabilities.

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