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3D Models from Any Image, the Fastest PCs Ever, & Autodesk Makes a Big Acquisition

School of Motion

It’s Motion Mondays time! In this week's episode, Microsoft unveils its superfast CoPilot+ PCs, Womp introduces the revolutionary AI modeling tool Primfusion, and Affinity upgrades its suite of design software.

We also dive into Getty Images' revealing survey on AI-generated content and explore the new branding strategy from Spotify with their custom font, Spotify Mix. Watch the full episode now! 

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Summer Registration is officially starting on Monday, June 3rd! Prices will be increasing slightly for the Autumn Session, so if you’ve been looking to take any of our guided courses, now is the time!

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Show Notes

Sent by The Furrow - Our Friends from The Furrow have dropped a stunning new 2D animated short film titled “Sent”. The illustrations were done by Lead Designer and School of Motion alumnus, Rommel Ruiz! It’s a must-watch.

Rommel Ruiz - Check out more of Rommel’s work!

What’s new in Affinity? - Affinity have updated ALL of their apps - Designer, Photo and Publisher - with a single, one-off $70 purchase price! Some of the tools we particularly like are the Affinity Photo, QR Code Tool, Affinity Photo, Radial Blur, Affinity Photo, What's New in Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Designer, Stroke Width Tool. Go check them out!

Microsoft Introducing Copilot+ PCs - Microsoft have launched a new category of Windows computers called Copilot+ PCs, with advanced AI capabilities.

Getty Images Newsroom AI Images Article - Getty Images have released a report on people’s attitudes towards AI generated images, with 90% of consumers wanting transparency when it comes to the use of AI imagery. This report is definitely worth a look!

Womp Primfusion - Womp Primfusion V0 is out! This new AI tool transforms complex geometries—whether a mesh, Nerf, point cloud, or any other 2D or 3D data—into clean, parametric, and CSG-based 3D models. Primfusion V0 is not just a technological advancement; it represents a commitment to ethical AI and creative integrity. You can join the waitlist at the above link.

Introducing Spotify Mix - Spotify has revealed a new custom brand typeface! The new font film is a great example of typography in motion, and shows there’s still a lot of high-end brand design work out there.

Major Pixar Layoffs, Hollywood Reporter - Pixar is cutting roughly 14% of its workforce, driven by the effects of the pandemic and shifting corporate priorities.

Plainly - Plainly, one of the coolest hidden gems in motion design that allows you to create automated animations, just got some new updates! Here’s how Plainly can be used to create Spotify Wrapped-style videos.

Autodesk acquires Wonder Dynamics - Autodesk has acquired AI-powered VFX startup WonderDynamics! If you’ve never played around with WonderStudio, you’ve got to try it!

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