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Now That's What I Call Motion 21

By School of Motion Records

Are you ready for the greatest hits of the millennia?

We've all been there. You're driving down the highway with the top down, jamming to the latest hits from DJ Modo and Slon, when suddenly you hear it: Your favorite motion design music track! But the radio cuts out the best parts...or you just miss the hook! Not anymore...
Introducing Now That's What I Call Motion 21, a compilation of the hottest songs in motion design. We've curated the top 100 charts all year and selected the 30 best singles of 2021. Now you can keep the party going all night long as you jam out with your favorite bands from the MoGraph music world!

Now That's What I Call Motion 21

Motion 21.jpg
Only 2 easy payments of $595.95

Disk 1

Disk 2

Send checks or money orders to P.O. Box 04012021, Bahston, Mass, 01212—or just run down to the Dunkin' Donuts at Kenmore Square, ask for Paulie, tell him you've got two tickets to Spring Training at the Fen (you don't actually need those), snag his wallet while he's celebrating and find the punch card for Newberry Comics (wicked), then at the store throw a wad of non-sequential fives at the nearest employee and scream "NOW THAT'S SOME MUSIC!"
They'll know how to get ahold of us and we'll send your CDs right away.

Oh, and have a Happy April 1st!