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Tutorial: Photoshop Animation Series Part 5 | Rotoscoping and Details

By Amy Sundin

Let's finish this!

It's time to wrap this animation up. In this lesson we'll start out by going over a few little loose ends that we didn't cover before; like importing footage into Photoshop and rotoscoping that footage. The kind of rotoscoping we'll be doing here is not quite the same as what you do in After Effects, but it's close, and as tedious as it may be it can save you A LOT of time.
I'll also take a bit of time to go over how I approached doing the animation over the footage that Rich Nosworthy made for us.
After that we'll render everything out of Photoshop and take some time to give it some finishing touches in After Effects to really bring everything together.
If you don't know who Rich Nosworthy is by now, it's time to fix that. Check out his work here:
In all of the lessons in this series I use an extension called AnimDessin. It's a game changer if you're into doing traditional animation in Photoshop. If you want to check out more info on AnimDessin you can find that here:
And the creator of AnimDessin, Stephane Baril, has a whole blog dedicated to people who do Photoshop Animation that you can find here:
Once again a huge thank you to Wacom for being amazing supporters of School of Motion.
Have fun!
Having trouble installing AnimDessin? Check out this video:

Download the cel animation compositing project file for Photoshop.

Download the Project
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