Procreate Dreams: The 2D Animation Revolution for Digital Artists

Joey Korenman, Founder and CEO

Discover Procreate Dreams, the brand-new 2D animation app from the creators of the legendary Procreate.

Dive into our exclusive interview with James Cuda and Claire D'Este, the minds behind this game-changing app. Explore the journey from Procreate's humble beginnings to the iPad Pro revolution and the birth of Procreate Dreams.

You may know Procreate as the iPad drawing app that first took the design world by storm in 2011. With its groundbreaking features and top-notch performance, it's been the reigning champion as the number one paid iPad app for six consecutive years. Now, the team behind Procreate is back with the release of Procreate Dreams, a game-changing 2D animation app that's sure to shake up the industry.

In this pod, we scored an exclusive interview with James Cuda, the CEO and co-founder of Procreate, and Claire D'Este, the Chief Product Officer. These masterminds behind Procreate Dreams spilled the beans on everything from their career journeys to the development of this revolutionary app.

The Original Procreate

Before the iPad Pro, Procreate faced its share of struggles. But when this powerful device hit the scene, it was a turning point. Apple's active promotion of Procreate didn't hurt either.

Procreate doesn't follow trends; they set them. Their focus is on inventing new features and improvements rather than copying what's already out there. It's all about straightforward and intuitive solutions.

They've applied that same line of thinking to their new baby: Procreate Dreams. This animation app has been in the making for six years. It started as sketches and rough animations in Procreate but has grown into a full-fledged animation tool. The goal? Seamlessly integrating it into professional workflows. The interface is designed to be familiar to Procreate users, offering comfort and ease in transition.

Procreate Dreams
Procreate Dreams

Why create a separate app for animation, you ask? Well, Procreate wants to keep the core focus on drawing without bloating the original app. Animation gets its dedicated space to shine. Developing Procreate Dreams turned out to be more complex than initially thought. It required integrating the advanced painting engine from Procreate and paring down version one to core features. But the potential for future updates is vast.

Procreate Dreams was built on more than just market research; it was a blue-sky approach. The team focused on creating the ideal animation experience they'd want to use themselves, emphasizing a humane and intuitive user interface. Procreate Dreams aims to compete with existing animation software mainstays by offering a smoother, streamlined animation experience. No more expensive equipment and software; it's all about harnessing the power of the iPad.

Procreate Dreams - Flipbook

Procreate Dreams has the potential to popularize 2D animation in a big way. With the animation industry already experiencing a resurgence, this app could be the catalyst for more 2D storytelling magic.

Check out the full podcast covering all this and more!

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