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Is this the new Flash? Rive and the future of interactive design

Joey Korenman, Founder and CEO

Let's get real about Rive. Guido Rosso, Rive’s CEO, pitches Rive as the next step in vector graphics and interactive design, a tool easy to pick up for After Effects veterans and powerful enough to dominate interaction design.

Think of it as Flash's spiritual successor but with a modern twist. But will it really have a place in a professional motion design toolkit? Guido thinks "yes" — for many design and development professionals it's already a mainstay in their arsenal. We had him on the podcast to give us the scoop.

Not Just Another Design Tool

Rive is tackling the historic challenge of interactive animation head-on. We're talking about animations that react in real-time, interpolating correctly to user interactions. This isn't just about easing the workflow between designers and developers; it's about empowering designers to take full control of the animation process.

Rive stands out from Flash and Lottie. While Flash was great for its time, Rive brings a more dynamic approach to mixing animations, akin to game engines. And compared to Lottie, which is fine for simpler animations, Rive shines in creating complex, interactive experiences that require a runtime-focused editor and format.

For the uninitiated, Rive's state machine is a revelation. It's a visual graph that lets designers connect and blend animations with ease, reacting to inputs like data and triggers. This feature is a major differentiator from After Effects, supporting complex interactions within animations without requiring multiple versions.

The Future of Motion Design with Rive

Rive isn’t just about what it is now; it's about what it can become. The Rive team is balancing simplicity for designers with the addition of powerful features for developers. The roadmap includes adding more features while maintaining an accessible tool for both designers and developers, with a focus on teaching real-world coding practices. It's already being used by big names like Figma and Duolingo, showing its versatility across digital products, websites, and interactive installations. Its compatibility with character animation makes it a valuable tool for companies seeking a distinctive, animated character presence.

With its focus on interactive experiences, Rive is poised to reshape how brands approach user experience and how designers integrate animation into products. It's a tool that empowers designers to push boundaries and explore new possibilities in motion design...and we're here for it.

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