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School of Motion Course Credentials

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School of Motion verified credentials let you show off your newfound knowledge

Since the beginning, School of Motion has focused on one thing: Delivering the best courses with real, actionable skills that can be immediately applied to your career. It’s our goal to break down the barriers of entry into this wonderful industry, and that’s why we’re providing new ways to show off your skills with digital certificates.


A number of our alumni have asked about diplomas or certificates when they complete a course. That’s why we’re proud to announce our verified credentials.

What are School of Motion credentials?


Credentials are a verifiable, permanent way for students to showcase the skills that they learned in a School of Motion course. These badges are digital certificates that can be shared anywhere online—most often on LinkedIn, Twitter, your portfolio site, or your email signature. Students can also print a physical PDF version of their credential if they so choose.

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But why even go through the trouble of developing these badges? Simple. Verified Credentials help democratize education by providing what was once only possible with a college degree: hard, indisputable evidence that you completed satisfactory work in a rigorous program.

Obviously, this is not a new concept. The Mozilla Foundation formed the Open Badges Standard over a decade ago in an effort to help people obtain verifiable credit for legitimate learning achieved outside of a traditional college diploma program. In 2018, OpenBadges reported that there have been over 24 million verified credentials issued worldwide.


As always, School of Motion wants to provide as many opportunities for career growth to our students as possible, which is why we decide to invest in this credentialing program.

While a diploma demonstrates the completion of a degree, our credentials pack a punch as well. We’ve worked to ensure that there is more value than just some shiny bling for your resume.

  • They’re portable—meaning that you can take them with you to anywhere that you typically market your brand.
  • They are Verified—SOM credentials are issued directly to the student from School of Motion, and hosted on a well respected credentialing service called Your Acclaim. Potential employers and clients can verify a credential by visiting its link. Verification secures against tampering or fraud, and provides students with documented proof of their hard work. Oh yea - and did we mention you can upload your credentials to the blockchain for free?
  • They are Data Rich—they’ve got lots of information. Our credential is more than just a shiny digital badge. Employers or others will be able to see exactly what you had to accomplish to gain the badge by visiting it’s link—what skills are included in your credential—and will have a direct link to your School of Motion profile, where you have an opportunity to show off your best personal work or course achievements.
  • They are Engaging—Current and prospective clients, employers, and colleagues will notice that you’ve received a new credential when you display it on your LinkedIn, portfolio site, or email signature.

Why should students care about credentials?


Whether you’re thinking about taking a class, or you’ve already completed every course we have to offer (we call those daring few “The Rains Down in Africa,” because we bless them), you probably want to know how these credentials affect you. Basically, why should you care?

These certificates demonstrate your skill level. If you haven’t cut a new reel, potential employers can check your credentials to get a sense of the new tricks you have up your sleeve.

It's all about community. School of Motion alumni are especially helpful to their SOM counterparts. If you peruse our online forums, you’ll see artists helping artists every single day. Careers are made based on who you know and who knows you. Help people recognize that you are a fellow alum everywhere...not just in the SOM community

These credentials help publicize YOU. You worked very hard to earn these badges—our classes are no joke—so show them off!

How do students earn credentials?


Obviously we aren’t just giving these certificates away with other convention shwag. The best things in life have to be earned, like beating Wario’s time trial in Mario Kart (the dude cheats). That’s why we made a simple guide to earn a credential from School of Motion:

  • You must take one of our cohort based guided courses that have teaching assistants, and you must complete at least 70% of the course work before the course officially ends.
  • Everyone who has ever taken a School of Motion course and has completed over 70% of their coursework will receive a badge.

Enough badgering about badges


We are very excited to introduce the credentials program to our School of Motion community. You should all be very proud of the work you do here, of the lessons you’ve learned and the skills you’ve gained. That’s why we want you to get some bragging rights...and a nice certificate that shows the world just how amazing you are.

If you haven’t tried one of our courses, we encourage you to look through the programs and see what we have to offer. We’re ready for you...are you ready for us?

What Makes School of Motion Unique?

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