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Find Out Which School of Motion Course is Right for You

School of Motion

Take This Quick Quiz to Determine Which School of Motion Course is Right for You

Investing in yourself through continuing education is the number-one way to position yourself for future success! Of course, your personal  journey will depend on your current skill level and professional goals and, with so many courses to choose from, picking the right one can be pretty overwhelming.

That's why you're here! Our quiz is designed to assist you in determining which School of Motion course will best meet your needs and goals.


Before you take the quiz, let's answer a few important questions:

You're committed to your career in motion design and understand that reinforcing your existing skills and/or expanding your skill set would help you start your own studio, land a full-time gig or get the freelance jobs you seek. But, why take courses online when you can go back to school and earn a degree?

The answers are surprisingly simple:

  • More than 50% of  graduates surveyed believe college did not equip them for a motion design career (2019).
  • Online schools don't require students to be time-boxed and are not built on the false premise that all students must learn the same things at the same pace. Salman Khan figured this out a decade ago.
  • The scalability of online school allows teachers to be paid a far better rate than that offered by traditional schools. This allows companies like Masterclass to convince Gordon Ramsey that it's worth his time to teach a cooking class. It's also helped School of Motion attract some of the best artists in our industry to teach our students.
  • Online schooling is offered á la carte, enabling students to choose the option that best fits their learning style. MoGraph Mentor has a different model than School of Motion (it compliments our own), and we love that students have that choice. At traditional schools, it's 'get your butt to a desk for class.' Online, it's whatever you choose.
  • The cost of online education is, even at the high end, nowhere near that of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Noah Bradley once showed that, for $10,000, you can gain access to the knowledge and mentorship you'd receive at an art school simply by using the resources around you and on the internet.


Convinced? Great!

So, what separates School of Motion for the competition?

We've built a school that combines the scalability of video-based learning with the interactivity of professional feedback and an engaged community.

  • We provide a level of human interaction, feedback and motivation that simply isn't offered anywhere else on the internet — in any field.
  • We labor over of our new courses for up to a year, ensuring the quality is unmatched, before releasing it to the public
  • We provide the tools and training for motivated students to progress at a rate that far exceeds that accomplished at any other online or traditional school.
  • We bring together the top artists and instructors in our field, and scale their genius through technology and a truly one-of-a-kind teaching model.
  • We recreate, as best as we possibly can, the camaraderie and competition you feel when learning the same things at the same time as your classmates.
  • We do all of this at a price point that allows you to learn professional skills without taking on a level of debt that severely handicaps your career from day one.

Now that you're ready to truly invest in your future by enrolling in an online course with School of Motion, it's time to pick the course or courses that will best meet your needs and goals.

We know this isn't a decision to be made lightly. Our classes aren't easy, and they're not free. They're interactive and intensive, and that's why they're effective. In fact, 99% of our alumni recommend School of Motion as a great way to learn motion design. (Makes sense: many of them go on to work for the biggest brands and best studios on earth!)

To catapult your career, take this quiz, and then enroll in the next session.

No matter which course(s) you choose, you'll gain access to our private student groups; receive personalized, comprehensive critiques from professional artists; and grow faster than you ever thought possible.

(And, of course, the results of this quiz are simply a recommendation; you're free to take any course(s) you wish!)

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