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Which School of Motion Course is Right for You?

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Find out which School of Motion course is right for your Motion Design goals with this interactive quiz. Hooray!

If you're reading this sentence there's a really good chance that you are looking to improve your Motion Design skills. That's awesome!
Investing in your skills is the first step to become a master of Motion Design. However, depending on your skill level and personal goals your MoGraph journey might look different from someone else. And with a lot of courses to choose from it can be pretty overwhelming to make a decision.
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Umm... I'm overwhelmed.
So to help you decide which School of Motion course is right for you we put together this quiz to help you figure out the best course for your experience and long-term vision. 
Think of it as a 'Disney Princess' quiz, but instead of a princess you get a Motion Design bootcamp instead. Isn't that magical?...
Note: These are only suggestions. You are free to take any course you want. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

School of Motion courses start every 3 months. If you think you might be interested in growing your skills with lessons from Professional Motion Designers check out our courses page to figure out the best course for you. Also, if you ever have any questions about our courses or the industry in general we'd be happy to help.