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So You Want to Animate (Part 3 and 4) - Adobe MAX 2020

By Nol Honig
After Effects

Adobe MAX 2020 may be over, but we've got videos from some amazing speakers to keep that inspiration going through the holidays

The first ever virtual, global Adobe MAX is over, and we were fortunate to play a small role in sharing stories and inspiration with the Motion Design Community. Since we're all about sharing the best info for free, we've got a few videos from the conference to drop right here.
Are you looking to animate your own designs? It may seem daunting at first, but the process can be very simple if broken down into digestible steps. Two of our fabulous School of Motion course instructors teamed up for an awesome 4-part lab aimed at introducing designers to Motion Design in After Effects! In part 3, designer/director Nol Honig introduces you to the After Effects interface and workflow, getting you ready to create your first animation. In part 4, Nol animates Sarah Beth Morgan’s design from Parts 1&2, teaching you the essential steps to put your own design into motion. Grab a hearty snack and strap in tight, it's time to take those designs and bring them to life.

So You Want to Animate - Part 3

So You Want to Animate - Part 4

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