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Something Looks Different

Joey Korenman

Where did the old site go?

Howdy! You’re probably noticing that our site looks a bit different than it did a week ago. Well, we’ve been quietly working for the past 9 months on a brand new site, and we decided it’s about dang time we start rolling it out. Before I tell you about what’s new, let me get a few of things out of the way.

You’ll need a new password

Our old site had a very messy registering / login process… this one is smooth sailing. Unfortunately for many boring, technical reasons we need everyone who had an account on the old site to reset their password on this new platform. The good news is that it takes less than a minute and will now serve as a single-login for accessing all of our free content as well as any paid training you may purchase (or already own).

Of course, if you're new to the site then you can grab a free Student Account the old fashioned way, by clicking on the Register button. It still only takes a minute.

This part is much easier this time around.

If you’re an alumni, check your e-mail

Every course you’ve already purchased will be available to you immediately on this site once you set up your new password. For intructions on how to access them, check your e-mail for a message we sent out to anyone who has purchased a Bootcamp, Rigging Academy or FreelanceU. In that e-mail are instructions on how to register properly and get access to all of your existing content.

The short version is: Click "Sign In," then "Registered on our old site?" Follow the directions and you'll be set up in 1 minute.

There will be many, many bugs at launch

This website was built from scratch so that we now have the power to create the exact student experience that we have envisioned from the start. While that makes us mad with power (mwahahahah!) it also means that there is a greater-than-100% chance that there are bugs galore in v1.0 of this new site. If you find any, or would like to make suggestions, you can do so here and we would greatly appreciate it. We will be refining and adding features literally on Day 1 of the new site, so expect a steady stream of improvements from here on out.

Don't worry, we'll squash 'em all.

Why did we bother?

Our new platform will allow us to expand our course offerings, to enroll a greater number of students at once (our courses often sell out), to provide easy-access to teaching-assistants and critiques, to give our students more control over things like communications preferences, to help payments work more easily, to let you track your growth as a motion designer, to provide better networking and job-searching capabilities for alumni, and 350 other things that we’re beyond excited about. You'll notice that most of our tutorials and podcasts have been transcribed, making them searchable as well as allowing for closed captions. You can find content more easily with improved tagging and search. Soon, we'll be adding features to allow you to find jobs in the industry and meet other Motion Designers in your area. The potential is limitless now that we have full control over our platform.

We're building for the future of School of Motion

Thanks for your patience

This transition will likely see some bumps and bruises along the way. Please bare with us, we really appreciate your patience and understanding. And thanks, as always, for being a part of our community. The best is yet to come!



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