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Tutorial: Using Splines in Cinema 4D to Create 2D Looks

By Joey Korenman
Cinema 4D

Learn how to use splines in Cinema 4D with this helpful tutorial.

Sometimes After Effects can't pull off the exact look you're going for with ease, and when that happens you'll need to add another tool to your arsenal. In this lesson Joey is going to show you how to take a path created in Adobe Illustrator and turn that into a spline in Cinema 4D. You can then make something that looks like a piece of 2D vector art in Cinema 4D, but have greater control over how to animate it than you would in After Effects.
This tick may look very specific on the surface, but it gives you a few tricks that you can add to your workflow that you might find handy one day.
Here's that Greyscalegorilla tutorial that Joey mentions in the lesson: