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Hard-Hitting MoGraph: Sports Motion Design Inspiration

By Caleb Ward

These Sports Motion Design projects gave 110 percent. Prepare to be inspired.

There’s just something about the testosterone-filled energy in Sports Motion Design projects that gets your heart pumping. Maybe it’s the epic music? or the gigantic 3D text? Whatever the case one thing is for sure, we could watch Sports Motion Graphic Design projects all day long...
So since the the biggest day in all of sports is quickly approaching we thought we’d share out a few of the coolest sports projects in the Motion Design industry. These studios left it all on the field. Here are some of the best Sports Motion Design projects, ever.

ESPN Euro Cup 2016

When you typically think of sports branding dirt and mechanical robots probably come to your head, but over recent years studios have begun to deconstruct and improve on the typical sports aesthetic. This piece created by Imaginary Forces focus on the beauty of trophies and the prestige of heroic athletes.

Troika Sports 2016 Reel

Troika’s sports branding work has probably been seen by more people than other studio on this list. Troika specializes in creating brand identities for channels and shows. They were the studio responsible for the first major mechanized ESPN redesign and their work just continues to improve.

Football on FOX

When you think of Blur studios you probably think of epic video game cinematics, but you might be surprised to hear that they’re the studio behind the Cleatus, the Fox Sports Robot. The robot has become a cultural icon in the last few years. You can even buy the action figure on Amazon.

Capacity Star Sports Branding

Capacity continues to be one of the hottest studios in the entire Motion Design world. This piece created for Star Sports India is unique because it changes up the usual ‘metal and dirt’ aesthetic. Look at that awesome rainbow particle work. Wowzers.

Notable Sports Branding and Motion Design Studios/Individuals:

Want even more sports inspiration? Go check out these studios.

Create a Sports Intro Yourself

Thinking about going pro? Nick Campbell and friends at GreyscaleGorilla have you covered. In this Cinema 4D tutorial they’ll show you how to create a cool 3D baseball/dirt effect in Cinema 4D.
The tutorial also goes into some compositing tips in After Effects. So if you’re feeling inspired this is a great place to start.

A Guide to American Football

  • Created By: Cub Studio
Today we’ll leave you with one of our favorite sports related Motion Design projects ever. The project was created almost entirely by Fraser Davidson. His understanding of 2D Motion Design is out of this world.
Well hopefully you’re feeling inspired to create your own sports projects. With enough hard work, practice, sweat, blood, gatorade, and a decent understanding of design, you’ll be a sports branding legend. Now hit the showers.
Shower Motion Design Sports Inspiration.gif