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Tutorial: Advanced Squash and Stretch Rig in After Effects

By Jake Bartlett
After Effects

Need a quick primer on the basics of Squash and Stretch?

Check out this helpful After Effects lesson.
If you've taken Animation Bootcamp you know how important Squash and Stretch is to making your animations come to life. It’s the great multi-tasker, doing things like mimicking motion blur and adding a sense of flexibility and volume to what you’re animating.
The easiest way get squashing and stretching in After Effects is by using the scale property which can give you uniform, clean looking squash and stretch. That’s good for some things, but it can get boring after a while.
In this lesson you’re going to learn how to build a sweet squash and stretch rig that will warp and bend your characters in a more interesting way that the scale property alone can't. You’ll be pairing up effects with simple expressions to build a rig that keeps you in control without adding a ton of extra keyframes.
BONUS: Because it’s built with effects and expressions you can save it as an animation preset for easy re-use!If you want to grab the finished rig you can log in and download it.

Download the advanced squash and stretch project file for After Effects.

Download the Project