Star Wars Motion Graphics with Unreal Engine

Aharon Rabinowitz

In this tutorial, mograph veteran Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to recreate the Disney+ animated Star Wars logo using Unreal Engine.

We’ll look at how to import 3D models, set up lighting, build materials, and animate it, all right inside of Unreal. Then we’ll render it out and bring it all together in After Effects (or any video editor of your choice).

This is the way!

Don’t forget to download the project files below and follow along!

Star Wars Unreal Project

Snag the free project files and follow along, Padawan.

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Watch the full tutorial (it's worth it!) but here's the cliff notes:

⚙️  Project Setup & Materials

Start your Unreal Engine project with ray tracing and import your 3D models. Dive into creating materials, from a glowing neon light for a futuristic look to a reflective metal material for added realism.

💡  Lighting, Reflections & Animation

Enhance your scene with path tracing for realistic reflections and advanced lighting techniques. Animate your objects and environment with linear keyframes for smooth movements and dynamic lighting effects.

🧱  Material & Scene Animation

Add depth to your animations by manipulating material properties for fading effects and glowing intensity. Adapt your project elements to fit new scenes, like a Darth Vader-themed animation, for creative flexibility.

🎬  Final Touches & Post-Production

Fine-tune your animation with camera adjustments and keyframe tweaks. Render your project with optimal settings, then polish it in After Effects with layering, color correction, and glow effects for a professional finish.

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