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A Wicked Good Storyteller - Macaela VanderMost

By Adam Korenman

Macaela VanderMost worked hard to build a studio for like-minded artists, but faced an uphill climb to define her career

This episode has been a long time coming. We've been fans of Macaela's for quite a while. Joey spent his formative freelancer years learning alongside this whip-smart MoGraph Guru, and it's been a blast to see her career climb ever higher. Going from "a kid with a camera" to running one of Boston's biggest studios is an impressive feat. Macaela is a titanic talent, but she has also had to face some, unfortunately, all-too-common barriers to entry along the way.
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Some of you might know Macaela as the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Newfangled Studios. Based in Boston, but booking clients worldwide, they consider themselves storytellers above all. This approach has led them to take a mutli-disciplinary approach to their work, combining live action, editorial, motion design and strategic thinking to drive results for big brands.
Our mission at School of Motion is to break down the barriers to the Motion Design industry so that everyone can join and share their voices. We know that is a journey more than a destination, and we have a long way to go. Some of the topics we cover in this conversation are about the difficulties marginalized communities face, even in as welcoming a world as MoGraph can be. Remember that our industry is stronger and healthier when we open the doors wide.
This conversation goes all over, and includes some inside stories we haven't shared before. The biggest takeaway is just how small the Motion Design community really is. Your fellow interns soon become your fellow freelancers and studio heads. This is a story about interpersonal relationships as much as it's about where to get the best clam chowder in Cambridge.
So pick up the usual from Dunkin' Donuts, cram some sugar in your maw, and get ready to spill a little tea with Macaela VanderMost.

A Barrier-Breaking Storyteller - Macaela VanderMost

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