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The Alumni Holiday Card 2020

School of Motion

Over 120 School of Motion Students Collaborate on the Annual Animated Alumni Holiday Card Video

Everyone needs a break now and then, but no more than this year. It feels good to have 2020 in our rearview. The challenges and troubles can be left behind, leaving us with a world of possibilities for our future. How can we take the lessons learned and move forward into 2021? Which SOM course will catapult us, personally, to the next level? Is there a new motion graphics job out there for me?And, of course, what's my favorite part of this year's School of Motion holiday card (let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn!)? And how do I get to work with Traci Brinling Osowski, the SOM Teaching Assistant who every year puts this festive holiday card together!?

To work with Traci, shoot her an email to find out which course she's assisting with this session, or be sure to submit to our open call for alumni submissions to next year's holiday card project. To watch this year's card, discover who contributed, and download the project files, keep reading...

About The 2020 School Of Motion Holiday Card Video: A Collaborative Animation Project

In October 2020, we sent an email to our alumni offering the opportunity to take part in this year's holiday card. The theme: "How did you get through 2020?" Contributors were asked to submit a three-second-long video as a .mov or .mp4, using a predefined color palette and adhering to certain quality restrictions, along with their project files. There were no restrictions on software, plugins or medium. By the December 9 deadline, we had received over 120 submissions, predominantly using Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Traci Brinling Osowski, an SOM alum and Teaching Assistant, then compiled all of these unique pieces of motion art into one animated video.




The 2020 School Of Motion Holiday Card Video: Credits


Ewa Niedbala | Title design
Traci Brinling Osowski | Title animation
Jess Libby | Title animation
Audio from Soundstripe
Sound design by Sono Sanctus


Sara Wade | Virus
Anne Saint-Louis | Stay at home
Ben Weaver | Masks/social distancing
Van Velvet | Lockdown mode
Leigh Williamson | Black Lives Matter
Kyle Hamrick | Global Protests
Frank Suarez | Australian wild fires
Patrick Butler | West coast wild fires
Chris Hunter | Hurricanes
Jake Bartlett | Murder hornets
Joey Korenman | Intro/Dumpster fire


Will O'Connell | Having a baby during quarantine
Victoria Blair |Homemade Pizza
Traci Brinling Osowski | Baby Intro via Zoom
Tosin Bamidele | Female friendships
Tony Agliata |Drank more bourbon
Thomas de Limbourg | Walking my dog
Tessa Schutz | Learning how to cook
Telai (Diana) Kaplan | Cherishing the "smol" moments with my corgi
Steven Jenkins | Camping (RV'ing)
Stefan Janisch | Laughing
Sophia Kornienko | Unschooling
Sherene Strausberg | Learning New Plug-ins
Sergio Mendizabal Ritter | getting my ship together
Scott McMann | Learning Pi to 763 digits
Sascha Muller | Listening to Podcasts
Sarah Talbot | Walking my new "commute"
Ryan Elliott | Keeping busy with school work
Rodrigo Dominguez | Working & Overthinking
Roberta Scialla | Dealing with online grocery
Richard Foster | Running
Ralph de Vreugd
Ploy Boal | Cats
Peter Bone | Learning to slow down
Pedro Márquez | Playing with Synths
Patrick Wagesreiter | getting a road bike
Olivia Krishnaswami | Learning about sustainable living
Nage Eva Lacuskova | Buying way too many books
Mikhail Sobolev | Leveling up
Melissa Castillo | Family back at Home
Matthew Zipper | Traveling to surf
Marie-Eve Roussy | Searching life balance
Maria Tyomkina | Dancing like nobody's watching
Maria Alejandra Bazante | Plant Mom
Manu Balzer | Riding down that graph editor
Madison Shaw | Camping
Lucy Vanmanisone | Gaming with friends
Logan Pinney | Made a baby ;P
Liam Clisham | Cannabis
Laurent Mathieu | Waiting 2021 !
Laura Benavides | My dogs
Kruthi Hindupur | Brewing Tea
Kristian Tinawin | Video Call
Kira Shumski | Eating my feelings
Kevin Snyder | Explore Outdoors
Kendall Hotchkiss | digital convos
Kellman MartĂ­nez | Listening Podcast
Keith Morrissey | Zoom Calling
Katrina Soo Hoo | relearning the piano
Karen Fantasia | Bun In The Oven
Kalyn Hope | Drive-in Magic
Justine Angelis | Beer and Baked Goods
Justin Peterson | Lego building
Jung Yuen Shin | Cozy Holiday
Juan R Mon | Understanding my tablet
Josh Teal | Quarantining
Josh McKible | Turtling down
Joe Evans | Watching TV
Jess Libby | Married my Best Friend
Jeremy Rech |Gardening
Jennifer Clotfelter | Interior Decorating
Jen Van Horn | Staying in with my plants
Jemal R. Brinson | Improving my chess game
Jack Attewell | Running
Ivan Miguel | Work, Coffee, Tears & My Wife
Ily Rohaime | Decluttering
Ilona & Aleksandra Glinka | Christmas plan. Who are you allowed to see?
Ignacio Vega | Learning
Helen Mulcahy | Journaling
Heeyoon Yuni Shin | Exploring the inner world
Hans Nellen | Forget 2020
Gilda Taffet | Shape Shifting
Gergo Varga | Conscientiousness
Gaurav Chandrakar | tidying up
Francesco Coppola | Psychedelics
Federica Bertot | No window
Fabio Galessi | Smiling
Ethan Baldwin | A Stiff Drink
Emma Elisabeth | dreaming
Elliot Mosher |Time Travel (aka long naps)
Elisa Lucaccini | Study and Relax
Earl Cabuhat | Keeping busy
Drew Levin | Watching 90 Day Fiance
Drew J Travis | Backpacking
Design Cheeeese | Hobbies with wine
Dawn Charbonneau | Drinking beer and online shopping
Daria Hill | Self-care
Daniela VarĂłn | Pretending to be fine
Daniel Sherman | Getting Married
Daniel Ackerman | Crosswords and tea
Dana Albert | Declutter
Cynthia Pichardo | Learning A LOT
Cora Trout | Indoor Biking
Cong | Stay at home playing game
Chelsea Winot | Fan art
Casey Mitsch | Supporting each other
Brandon Henry | Scotch & Therapy
Blade Sabovcik | Golfing
Ben Samuels | Played a ton of Animal Crossing
Becca Byrne | Moving house
Beata SzĂłstak | Music
Augusto J Ferriols | Changing Perspectives
Anne Saint-Louis | Extreme Gardening
Andy Camou | Golf and coffee
Andrew Bui | When I AM WITH YOU
Andrea Schmitz | online shopping
Alixe Lobato | Dance till you die
Alexandra C. MacArthur | Eloping
Alex Del Solar | Optimizing my home
Alejandra Londoño | Learning new things
Albert Hofman | Dog Ball
Akiko Yoshida-Shimoyama | Dream to Travel
AĂ«l da Silva | Camp
Adia Dave | Working from home
Adan Renaud | Working on videos
Adam Pyburn | Mixing Negroni
Ada Skowronek | Walking in the forest

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