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Going Viral: Behind the AI-Generated Wes Anderson Trailers for Star Wars and LOTR

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What can AI do for you as a Filmmaker?

In this episode of the School of Motion Podcast, we are joined by Caleb Ward of Curious Refuge to chat about two of their recent and massively successful movie trailers that were created with AI tools like like ChatGPT, Midjourney, D-ID and Eleven Labs. The Wes-Anderson-inspired trailers combine Wes's signature style with Lord of The Rings and Star Wars and quickly gathered millions of views.

In this interview, he walks us through how he made these films, and tells us what it’s like to go mega viral. We also dive into the future of creativity in the face of AI, and the complex ethical questions around all of this.
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Show Notes


Caleb Ward

Saber Jlassi

Wes Anderson

Collin Cameron

Dan Jeffries


Star Wars

Lord of The Rings

Star Wars by Wes Anderson Trailer | The Galactic Menagerie

Lord of the Rings by Wes Anderson Trailer | The Whimsical Fellowship

Harry Potter by Balenciaga

Joey's Corridor Digital video

Dan Jeffries Interview

The JFK Assassination in 4K 360° VR

The Nightly Rundown with Al Powers | AI Late Night Comedy

Coca-Cola Masterpiece


Curious Refuge




Midjourney Subreddit



Hollywood Reporter


Dall E

Stable Diffusion

Adobe Firefly


Half Rez



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