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The Weird Side of Motion Design

By Caleb Ward

From squishy human plinko to tongue-legged monsters, here are some of the weirdest Motion Design projects in the world.

If you’ve spent any time at all here at School of Motion then you know we like weird stuff. Perhaps you’ve listened to our interview with Matt Frodsham or seen our Cyriak tutorials. There’s just a special little place in our heart for strange examples of MoGraph. So we decided to create a list of our favorite weird Motion Design projects.
Be prepared to ask yourself, what did I just watch?

Weird Motion Design Projects

Here’s some of our favorite MoGraph projects. While these aren’t necessarily NSFW, we don’t recommend watching them in an office. People will think you’re weird, or maybe they already do...

1. Plug Party 2k3

Albert Omoss specializes in gross simulations where 3D models squash and stretch like they are made out of rubber. His entire Vimeo channel is full of fantastically strange renders. Here’s one of the less-strange examples. He even has a portfolio website where he hosts his content.

2. Going to the Store

Going to the Store is an international phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it, get ready to see a case-study in how not to do a walk cycle. If you’ve ever wanted to bring his strange characters to your home there’s even a store where you can purchase everything from a chess set to a body pillow. These are amazing times we live in.

3. Final ANL

This video is without a doubt the most epic logo reveal in the history of the world. The character animation and sound design is perfect. Bow down before the Aardman Nathan Love logo.

4. Face Lift

Adult Swim is known for funding some of the strangest MoGraph work in the world, but this project from Steve Smith might take the cake. The amount of technical skill required to pull of this project is inspiring.

Nick DenBoer Showreel 2015

With a name like SmearBalls so you know that Nick Denboer’s work shouldn’t be taken too seriously. His face mash-up work for Conan is incredibly inspiring. This is what happens when a Motion Designer has too much free time.


Cyriak is the king of weird. His iconic style is easy-to-spot and we love his work so much we even did a 2 part tutorial series surrounding his unique style. This project is the Truman Show on acid.

Need to Take a Shower Now?

Well that’s our first list of weird Motion Design projects. If you want to contribute to part two shoot us an email. We’d love to share even weirder stuff in the future.
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