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Mentor Plus offers you additional time, Teaching Assistant access, community support and an opportunity to complete your course and earn your verified credential. 

Whether you only have a few homework assignments left to go or you want a refresher on your course lessons, Mentor Plus offers you the time and flexibility to accomplish whatever your learning goals may be.

Finish your course.

Earn your credential.

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You will have access to a new Homework Locker, new critiques, a new community space, and as much time as you need to complete your course.

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You'll have access to your TA for support and critique, as well as access to our Community Critique room.

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We will send you a Verified Credential (from once you've completed 70% of your coursework.

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Select your course from the list below. Remember, you are purchasing ‘Mentor Plus’, you will not be purchasing access to the full course. To see the full list of courses, view our course overview


Your monthly subscription allows you to submit homework and receive critiques by one of our teaching assistants.

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Mentor Plus

Photoshop + Illustrator Unleashed

Master the basics of Photoshop & Illustrator in this introductory level course
Photoshop + Illustrator Unleashed (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Design Kickstart

Your 8-week introduction to the design principles behind all great work
Design Kickstart (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Design Bootcamp

Master designing for motion in this 12-week intermediate, project-based course
Design Bootcamp (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

After Effects Kickstart

Master the After Effects interface and upgrade your animation skillset in just 8 weeks
After Effects Kickstart (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Animation Bootcamp

Learn to use the principles of animation inside of After Effects
Animation Bootcamp (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Advanced Motion Methods

Advanced Animation Training in After Effects
Advanced Motion Methods (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Cinema 4D Basecamp

Master the 3D skills that will take your career to the next level
Cinema 4D Basecamp (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Cinema 4D Ascent

Next-Level Cinema 4D Techniques
Cinema 4D Ascent (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

Explainer Camp

A Full-Project Freelancing Masterclass
Explainer Camp (Mentor Plus)
Mentor Plus

VFX for Motion

The Art of VFX in After Effects
VFX for Motion (Mentor Plus)
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