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What is the Future of Motion Design? Nobody Knows!

What is the future of motion design, your career, and the entertainment industry as a whole? Nobody knows...but we've got a few ideas.

Your CoPilot Has Arrived: Andrew Kramer

For the 100th episode of our podcast, we turned to the man that led the way: Andrew Kramer!

The Art of Collaboration: Seth Eckert

Creative Director Seth Eckert shares how The Furrow collaborated with a number of top artists for their incredible COVID-19 project.

A Dazzling Director: Colin Hesterly

When you aren't afraid to take a risk, a world of opportunities opens up.

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A Dynamo Designer: Nuria Boj

Talent takes you places, but hard work always pays dividends. We're talking with designer and illustrator Nuria Boj on her artistic journey.

One Fantastic Fowl: Robot Chicken's Matthew Senreich

Get to know the mind behind the madness as we talk with Robot Chicken's Matthew Senreich!

The Galvanized Globetrotter: Freelance Designer Jiaqi Wang

Meet an artist whose journey spans the entire world. Jiaqi Wang has already done incredible work, and she's just getting started.

Finding Your Voice: Cat Solen, Creator of Adult Swim's "Shivering Truth"

As an artist, how do you find your voice and define your style? We talked with the creator of Adult Swim's Shivering truth, Cat Solen.

A Wonderfully Grim Storyteller: JJ Villard's Fairy Tales on Adult Swim

If you want a creative career, don't miss our talk with the creator of "JJ Villard's Fairy Tales" on Adult Swim!

Success and Speculative Design with Territory's Marti Romances

From blockbuster movies to bleeding edge tech, Territory's Marti Romances is leading the industry!

Home Brewed VFX with Daniel Hashimoto, aka, Action Movie Dad

How home brewed VFX, and a little pageantry, turned Daniel Hashimoto into Action Movie Dad.

Animated Feature Film Director Kris Pearn Talks Shop

Director Kris Pearn joins us to discuss his new Netflix Original Movie, “The Willoughbys,” and how they achieved such a unique visual style.