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After EffectsPremiere Pro
Title Design Tips - After Effects Tips for Video Editors

Let's finish out our title design project with some fundamental—and indispensable—tips.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Deals for Motion Designers

Save some time and gas money. We've got the best picks for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!

How Video Editors Can Gain Superpowers - Premiere Gal Kelsey Brannan

Elevate your editing with After Effects. Premiere Gal's Kelsey Brannan is here to show you a few secret weapons.

After EffectsPremiere Pro
Clean Up Your Footage - After Effects Tips for Video Editors

It's time to clean up your footage and create some epic titles.

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Cinema 4DHoudiniRedshift
Nature Made by Already Been Chewed

What if you advertised a sneaker based on a completely different footprint?

After EffectsPremiere Pro
Craft Better Titles - After Effects Tips for Video Editors

Are you a video editor in need of some After Effects support? We've got you covered.

How to Skip School and Find Success as a Director - Reece Parker

Do you need a fancy degree to become a solid artist?

After Effects
After Effects to the Max

It's time to unleash the power of multiframe rendering in After Effects.

After EffectsIllustratorPhotoshopPremiere Pro
Adobe Max 2021 Guide

Adobe MAX is back, but where should you begin? We've got your guide to the 2021 sessions!

Quadriplegia Can’t Stop David Jeffers

Overcoming adversity is just second nature when you make the decision to be unstoppable.

Cinema 4D
Using Storyboards & Moodboards for Better Compositions

The best designs require planning. It's time to break out your storyboards and moodboards and learn to render better with David Ariew.

How to Achieve Your Goals and Make All Your Dreams Come True

As an artist, how can you plan, track, and achieve your goals?