What makes school of motion different?

At School of Motion, you’re not just getting online video tutorials, you’re getting our 3 C’s: Content, Critique, and Community. Oh and also a bonus C: Certification!

Watch our full campus tour to see what makes School of Motion the best place to learn motion design:

It’s true. We pull out all the stops to make the best training content on earth. Our teachers are professional motion designers who pull out all the stops to give you engaging content that will challenge you and bring you.. And not just that, we supplement your classes with podcasts, inspiration, and more to help you immerse yourself  in the world of motion design.

We expect more from you, giving you real-world homework exercises to complete, and you’ll get valuable feedback from your own, personal teaching assistant - a real working motion design pro. This will help you improve your work and get better with each project.

When you take a class at School of Motion, you’re never learning alone. Through The Square, our exclusive online community platform, you’ll connect with artists from all over the world who are on the same journey as you.You’ll begin to build your network and get all the benefits that come with “who you know.”

When you finish a course at School of Motion, you get a completion badge that you can add to LinkedIn. Not only is it recognized by employers in this competitive job market, it will also make your mom proud. But for real, employers dig it because they know you’ve REALLY learned your stuff.

The results speak for themselves.

Don’t wait another moment to jumpstart your career in motion design!

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