Making Giants Part 1: The Idea

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Making Giants Part 1: The Idea

Get comfy. This is gonna take a while. We are going to create an entire short film / MoGraph piece from scratch, and document every darn step in the process. This entire making-of series spans about 10 hours, and will show you the whole shebang from start to finish.

In this first video, we go over the process of coming up with a half-formed vague idea, and then fleshing out through style research, sketching, music searches, and Googling stuff. By the end we have something that kinda looks like a story, and a script even!

If you have any questions, click over to the Q&A tab to post them. Other students can answer you, and we'll put our team on the case to try and get you a solution ASAP.

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    00:00:03,541(upbeat music)
    00:00:11,389- Howdy, Joey here at School of Motion and I want
    00:00:13,741to welcome you to part one of this video series, where we're
    00:00:17,061going to be going through every single step of the process
    00:00:20,560in the making of a short motion design-y film.
    00:00:23,889We're going to go through coming up with the idea,
    00:00:25,720gathering reference materials, doing thumbnail sketches,
    00:00:28,320cutting and animatic modeling, texturing, rigging,
    00:00:30,771animating, compositing, and sound design.
    00:00:33,869It's going to be a very long series and hopefully you're
    00:00:36,069going to learn a ton.
    00:00:37,531One of the things we're trying to do at School of Motion
    00:00:40,000is push past the limitations of a single tutorial mindset
    00:00:43,941where you learn a trick or two and maybe that's helpful,
    00:00:47,069maybe it's not, maybe you're just watching that tutorial
    00:00:49,219because it's kind of entertaining.
    00:00:51,179This is going to be a serious learning endeavor,
    00:00:54,059and hopefully you get a lot out of it and please let us
    00:00:56,909know if you do.
    00:00:58,019Don't forget to sign up for a free student account
    00:01:00,371so you can grab the project files from this series
    00:01:02,669and there are a lot of them.
    00:01:04,669You can follow along, you can mess around with the project
    00:01:07,135files and see exactly what we're doing in these videos.
    00:01:10,326So thank you, hopefully this goes well, fingers crossed
    00:01:13,693and here we go.
    00:01:17,930- [Instructor] So where do you start with a project
    00:01:20,956like this?
    00:01:22,154It's just so big, it's massive because you can make
    00:01:26,028absolutely anything you want.
    00:01:28,008There's no client and there's only a deadline
    00:01:30,900because you say there is,
    00:01:32,716and the thing is done when you say it's done.
    00:01:35,618Well in very broad terms there are basically two ways
    00:01:38,882to approach something like this.
    00:01:40,634Let's call them top-down and bottom-up.
    00:01:44,938So bottom-up is the way most things get made.
    00:01:47,610You start with a concept, and then you move on to a script,
    00:01:51,245maybe some style-frames and mood board, stuff like that,
    00:01:54,440and then you storyboard the whole thing out,
    00:01:57,009you cut an animatic and maybe you find some music you like
    00:01:59,828for a temp track and then you animate,
    00:02:02,069and then you composite
    00:02:03,346and use sound design and you finish the thing.
    00:02:06,374So you start very broad and you end up refining
    00:02:09,638and sharpening the piece along the way, but the start
    00:02:12,433of the process is the initial concept.
    00:02:16,992A different, but no less valid way of doing this,
    00:02:19,932is to start at the top.
    00:02:22,332Albert Omoss talks about this a bit in episode 69
    00:02:25,624of The Collective Podcast, which is awesome by the way.
    00:02:28,791Sometimes you have a vision in your head of some cool
    00:02:32,295half-baked thing, and you just need to get that vision out,
    00:02:35,944but you know it's half-baked, it's totally without context.
    00:02:39,965So you make up a context for it,
    00:02:42,762like maybe there's some cool artwork
    00:02:44,691that inspired you or a new tool you want to try out.
    00:02:48,714So in a way you can start with the execution and then back
    00:02:51,735into a concept that makes sense.
    00:02:54,570This is what I did for Giants.
    00:02:58,947I've been recently inspired by low poly artwork.
    00:03:03,087I follow Timothy J Reynolds of
    00:03:07,549It has such a hard URL to say.
    00:03:09,649I follow Tim on Twitter and I've become
    00:03:12,139a big fan of his work and of his style.
    00:03:15,886Low poly is pretty popular these days and it really has
    00:03:18,824some huge advantages if you decide to use it as a style.
    00:03:23,161You can get away with a bit less modeling and texturing,
    00:03:26,675because you're really just going after the basic form
    00:03:29,161of something and with the right lighting and rendering
    00:03:31,998and compositing, it can still be very very beautiful.
    00:03:35,935So I wanted to trying creating a piece that told a bit
    00:03:38,775of a story and had some emotion to it.
    00:03:42,475So much of the work we do as motion designers these days
    00:03:45,498is clever and well-executed,
    00:03:47,698but sort of emotionally dead inside.
    00:03:50,411I mean, I love a good explainer video just as much
    00:03:53,348as the next person but I thought it would be a great
    00:03:56,188creative challenge to try and make the viewer feel
    00:03:59,575a little something if I could pull it off.
    00:04:02,511And finally I wanted to try out X-Particles for Cinema 40
    00:04:06,648which I know seems very shallow, just to try and shoe horn
    00:04:11,048some emotional concept into an execution based around
    00:04:14,922a desire to play with a new toy.
    00:04:17,259But there it is, I really wanted to learn X-Particles.
    00:04:21,222I started to have this vague vision in my head
    00:04:24,412of a cool desert scene with a low poly plant
    00:04:28,760or flower standing in the shadow
    00:04:31,262of this enormous obstacle and then growing
    00:04:34,309up the side of it to overcome
    00:04:36,198this gigantic thing in its path.
    00:04:39,648So, step one for me in these kinds of situations
    00:04:42,522is just to saturate my brain with reference.
    00:04:45,612I find that it helps me generate ideas when I can sift
    00:04:48,985through a bunch of cool artwork,
    00:04:51,109and I might get ideas about a color palette
    00:04:53,769or composition or I might get derailed
    00:04:56,558and end up with a new idea entirely.
    00:04:58,821But here is my basic process.
    00:05:02,121So my goal is to basically just flood my brain with images
    00:05:05,884and stuff like that and try to come up with basically
    00:05:10,471something that resembles a mood board, something I can
    00:05:12,758reference back to as I'm working on this,
    00:05:15,296and really in this initial stage
    00:05:18,434I also just want to start generating more ideas.
    00:05:21,171So let's hop into Google Chrome here,
    00:05:24,834my browser of choice, and you can see today my goal,
    00:05:28,507record inspiration video,
    00:05:29,684so we're going to go right to Pinterest.
    00:05:32,708Now I love Pinterest for this and I'm going to show you why,
    00:05:36,771so Pinterest account is free if you don't have one,
    00:05:39,944you can sign up for free,
    00:05:41,858and if I click on my account here,
    00:05:46,669you can see I've already got some boards set up.
    00:05:49,421And the way Pinterest works is you create a board
    00:05:52,092and then you add references to that board,
    00:05:53,942so let's create a new board here
    00:05:55,942and why don't we just call this
    00:05:58,242Giant References Demo.
    00:06:04,025Okay cool, and that's all I need,
    00:06:06,428I don't need to fill out any of this other junk,
    00:06:08,278I'm going to hit Create Board.
    00:06:10,678All right, now here's what I love about Pinterest,
    00:06:13,265it's basically a stream of consciousness
    00:06:17,241kind of thing for design and photography
    00:06:20,878and stuff like that, so all I know at this point
    00:06:23,315is that I've got this vague thing in my head,
    00:06:24,839there's a desert, so let me type in desert
    00:06:28,902and just see what comes up.
    00:06:31,213Not desserts,
    00:06:32,539just desert,
    00:06:34,350and we'll see what pops up.
    00:06:37,826All right so apparently Pinterest
    00:06:39,476doesn't know the two S rule,
    00:06:42,750so it's showing me pictures of desserts and deserts,
    00:06:45,039but that's fine.
    00:06:46,413So what I want to do is go down here
    00:06:49,503and let my eye see stuff.
    00:06:52,826Let's just catch some things.
    00:06:54,126So first thing actually
    00:06:55,476that jumped out at me was this photo.
    00:06:57,803I don't know even know what it is,
    00:06:59,563I guess it's like you're inside a desert,
    00:07:01,263you're looking up through these rock walls,
    00:07:03,426it's beautiful.
    00:07:04,737What's amazing about it is the color.
    00:07:08,137I don't know anything about this photo but I never
    00:07:11,014would've thought to make the desert this color,
    00:07:14,566but now that I've seen this photo,
    00:07:15,826I think that might be cool.
    00:07:17,189So I'm just going to hit Pin It.
    00:07:18,866And I'm going to make sure
    00:07:20,000that I use the correct board here,
    00:07:24,314so I have a Giant Reference board that I've already
    00:07:26,564started, but I'm going to show you guys
    00:07:28,714how to start one from scratch.
    00:07:29,751So Giant References Demo is the one we just made,
    00:07:33,064I'm going to hit Pin It.
    00:07:35,290Excellent, so there you go, now that one is in our board.
    00:07:40,900And let's just keep going down
    00:07:41,924and let's see what else jumps out at us.
    00:07:44,564So this is another cool one 'cause I kind of like
    00:07:47,567the texture of the ground, you've got these nice cracks
    00:07:50,240and I also like the way you've basically got a rainbow here.
    00:07:54,504You've got yellow transitioning to orange to red
    00:07:57,727to purple, almost to blue.
    00:08:00,104So I'm going to pin that as well.
    00:08:03,458And not everything has to look like the final product,
    00:08:06,138this is just sort of color reference.
    00:08:08,348So I know that I do want to try and do something in this
    00:08:11,362low poly style so let me go ahead and just type in low poly,
    00:08:16,288and see what pops up here.
    00:08:19,698And there's a lot of stuff,
    00:08:20,912this just goes on basically to infinity.
    00:08:25,109I can just keep scrolling down and see an endless
    00:08:27,372supply of low poly stuff,
    00:08:29,885and since there's so much of it
    00:08:31,485I need to be a little bit careful about what I pick.
    00:08:34,009This is beautiful but it doesn't really speak to me,
    00:08:38,322it doesn't resonate with what the image
    00:08:42,585in my head looks like
    00:08:43,647and so that's what I'm trying to reconcile here.
    00:08:46,848I've got this movie in my head that only I can see,
    00:08:49,922and I want to find images that can help me pull that movie
    00:08:54,135out of my brain.
    00:08:55,875So something like this, this is very simple but I like
    00:08:59,736the contrast between the ground and these mountains,
    00:09:05,338and the sky, I like the value contrast there,
    00:09:07,688so I'm going to pin that as well.
    00:09:11,312And then we will do a couple more,
    00:09:14,075just to see what else we can find here.
    00:09:17,798I love stuff like this, these really detailed.
    00:09:20,998Low poly, it's kind of an interesting style,
    00:09:25,186because it can actually be extremely detailed,
    00:09:28,462it's just a neat look.
    00:09:29,735Like something like this,
    00:09:30,598there's a lot of detail going on there,
    00:09:33,709and you can see this is one of the things that's
    00:09:35,085cool about Pinterest.
    00:09:35,918If you click on that image, (laughs) I should've known,
    00:09:40,022Nick Campbell, influencing,
    00:09:42,022even when I'm trying not to look at gray scale girl,
    00:09:44,148I'm looking at gray scale girl.
    00:09:47,235If I like this image though I can just pin it.
    00:09:50,475But if I click it, it's actually going to take me
    00:09:54,479to the site where this image lives.
    00:10:00,114So now if I want to look at my pins on my board,
    00:10:03,058I can actually go up to my account,
    00:10:05,781and I can find my new board I made which is
    00:10:09,131over here, Giant References Demo and I can click on it,
    00:10:12,665and sometimes you have to refresh,
    00:10:14,118so I'm going to refresh my browser and there it is,
    00:10:15,665so now these are the references
    00:10:17,891that I have pulled so far.
    00:10:21,028And now just to show you, let me go back and actually look
    00:10:24,818at the Giants Reference board
    00:10:28,525that I started before
    00:10:29,438I started recording this tutorial,
    00:10:31,438because what's awesome about Pinterest to me,
    00:10:34,051is that it basically makes a mood board for you,
    00:10:37,814and if you don't know what a mood board is,
    00:10:39,400it's basically just a collection of images that you've
    00:10:41,788swiped off of the internet usually,
    00:10:44,614and it lets you gaze at them
    00:10:47,701and get just a rough idea
    00:10:49,901of what your piece might look like.
    00:10:52,228It's a vague way of describing something visually,
    00:10:56,075without having to create a whole bunch of artwork,
    00:10:57,811you just go find something that looks like what you're
    00:10:59,975seeing in your head.
    00:11:01,438And so I want to call out
    00:11:03,425I didn't just look at low poly stuff,
    00:11:05,573I also found stuff like this.
    00:11:08,411Just really interesting architecture,
    00:11:11,825I know that there's going to be something
    00:11:13,173in the desert,
    00:11:15,173maybe it's a mountain like this
    00:11:16,821that's the foe
    00:11:19,159and then the hero is going to be
    00:11:20,670a small little plant like this
    00:11:22,273and that's why I like this reference photo here
    00:11:24,746because you've got these tiny little camels,
    00:11:26,746you've got this really imposing beautiful mountain,
    00:11:30,396and the lighting and all of that stuff, it's just gorgeous.
    00:11:36,096These are pyramids by the way I know what they are.
    00:11:37,930I know I just said mountains,
    00:11:38,946but I want everyone to know
    00:11:40,346I know these are pyramids.
    00:11:42,482So this is one way of using Pinterest,
    00:11:44,244you can just search within Pinterest.
    00:11:46,072Now another cool thing you can do
    00:11:48,245is you can install this little Chrome extension.
    00:11:51,072Okay this is the Pin It Chrome extension,
    00:11:53,453and if you Google Pin It Chrome Extension,
    00:11:59,956there it is, Pin It Button
    00:12:01,006Chrome Web Store, if you're using the Chrome browser,
    00:12:03,103I highly recommend you install this because it lets you
    00:12:05,619do stuff like this.
    00:12:06,754So I'm going to go to another site that I love getting
    00:12:09,479inspired by, which is From Up North,
    00:12:12,627and basically From Up North just curates
    00:12:15,930really great stuff from all over the web.
    00:12:19,766And they have themes, so you've got typography one day,
    00:12:22,180architecture the next, beautiful signage, that's awesome,
    00:12:26,043and so you can go through here
    00:12:29,280and there's actually categories and so let me
    00:12:31,577take a look at maybe what would be helpful,
    00:12:36,040maybe photography.
    00:12:37,752Because I want this to feel very cinematic.
    00:12:40,852And so just being inspired by awesome compositions
    00:12:45,515like this can be very helpful, so I like this photo,
    00:12:50,463and once you install this extension,
    00:12:51,914you actually get a little button on every photo
    00:12:53,930you mouse over and you can just click Pin It.
    00:12:56,964This little pop up happens and then I can tell it
    00:12:59,416put that in my Giants Reference Board, done,
    00:13:03,414and that's it.
    00:13:04,364Okay and so now when I go back to Pinterest,
    00:13:06,903this image is going to be there waiting for me.
    00:13:09,366Alright so let me go down and see what else we got here.
    00:13:12,165Yeah, I don't know,
    00:13:14,253that is cool, I love that!
    00:13:16,103See this is what I mean.
    00:13:19,574I have a very half-baked idea in my head,
    00:13:23,140the picture I just clicked,
    00:13:25,273and this picture don't have a lot in common
    00:13:27,890other than there is a sky in them,
    00:13:29,550but there's something about the graphicness of this.
    00:13:34,740This is so imposing,
    00:13:37,100you're looking up at it and it's very hard and angular,
    00:13:42,523and I really like it, it just looks evil,
    00:13:44,426and so I know I'm going to need whatever is opposing
    00:13:48,263this plant flower thingy,
    00:13:50,463that's going to need to look evil too,
    00:13:51,890so I'm going to want something like this and who knows
    00:13:54,190maybe it ends up being a building
    00:13:55,787and it's something like this, right?
    00:13:58,590So I'm just going to go down like this,
    00:14:01,687and try and find a couple more things.
    00:14:04,140So here's the big version of that image that I pulled.
    00:14:08,963What else?
    00:14:10,163I also know that I'm going to need something probably,
    00:14:15,889I don't know like plantish so actually we can use Google
    00:14:20,053for this too, we can just type in low poly plant.
    00:14:25,840And just go to Google Images,
    00:14:27,503this is another way you can use Pinterest,
    00:14:29,013once you've installed this plugin you can
    00:14:30,361just use the Google Image search like this,
    00:14:32,872just scroll down and see if anything jumps out.
    00:14:36,147Now, low poly plants, I'm sure a lot of this stuff
    00:14:38,137is designed for video games,
    00:14:40,071it's not going to really work that well for my purposes,
    00:14:43,597but you never know, you might see something
    00:14:45,737really interesting that jumps out at you like this.
    00:14:49,124Like that's really interesting, what is that?
    00:14:51,487It's a low poly tree.
    00:14:54,647And to me a low poly tree in my head,
    00:14:57,221it has a lot less detail,
    00:14:58,211this is actually sort of sculpted and it looks
    00:15:00,247like a tree, so it's cool I'm going to pin that.
    00:15:02,535So you can pin literally anything once you've got this
    00:15:06,137extension set up.
    00:15:07,637It's really great, let's see if there's anything else.
    00:15:12,874I mean there's stuff like that, that's kind of interesting.
    00:15:15,422I like this texture, that's really beautiful.
    00:15:19,547This is what's cool when you take low poly stuff,
    00:15:22,611but you apply good textures, good lighting,
    00:15:25,497and you can tell there's some ambient occlusion in here,
    00:15:29,272it can still look really visually very interesting.
    00:15:32,408I'm going to pin this as well, 'cause that's a neat texture
    00:15:35,524for the way the ground could look or something like that.
    00:15:39,123Cool, all right.
    00:15:40,484So I'm going to do a lot more pinning but I wanted to show
    00:15:44,650you guys how I use Pinterest in this way.
    00:15:49,323And there's a million websites out there
    00:15:51,650where you can find really interesting reference.
    00:15:57,836Vimeo is another great one, you can go to Vimeo,
    00:16:00,510and just check your feed,
    00:16:02,287and get inspired that way and pin videos
    00:16:05,036right off of Vimeo.
    00:16:06,060So, in this initial phase I'm just trying to get inspired,
    00:16:09,708and I'm going to go here
    00:16:10,598and check out my board one more time here,
    00:16:14,248so this is the Giants Reference Board,
    00:16:18,348once Pinterest actually shows it to me.
    00:16:20,682Come on buddy, here we go.
    00:16:22,608And I'm going to refresh it
    00:16:23,495just to make sure everything shows up,
    00:16:25,294and you can see I've got 14 pins in here,
    00:16:27,818and I've got this beautiful mood board
    00:16:30,268basically already starting to inspire
    00:16:33,218me and I'll tell you some of the things
    00:16:35,718that I'm thinking in my brain right now.
    00:16:37,919One of the things that's jumping out at me,
    00:16:39,221is in my head when I was envisioning this,
    00:16:41,668I was really seeing a color palette something like this.
    00:16:45,307Now that I've pulled all this reference,
    00:16:46,931I really like having a more reddish color
    00:16:50,631to the ground, it's really just pretty.
    00:16:53,871And I like this too,
    00:16:56,334I like this low poly look,
    00:16:58,220but I also like this shiny metallic texture,
    00:17:01,184I wonder if there's a way to combine the two.
    00:17:02,470So there's going to be a whole look development phase
    00:17:05,230in this project as well,
    00:17:06,280but this is the reference gathering phase.
    00:17:08,570So now, I'm gonna end up
    00:17:11,107probably spending another hour or two,
    00:17:12,884just scouring the internet,
    00:17:13,934and trying to solidify stuff in my brain sac.
    00:17:18,531Another thing that really inspires me,
    00:17:20,994and helps me come up with ideas, is music.
    00:17:24,407We're very fortunate at School of Motion,
    00:17:26,468to have an amazing relationship with Premium Beat,
    00:17:29,061and I love their music library,
    00:17:30,648so I often just start there,
    00:17:32,598and listen to a ton of music.
    00:17:35,361At this point, I'm not sure what direction
    00:17:37,574I want this to go in.
    00:17:39,248Should it be really somber, and moody?
    00:17:46,710Or techy, like a Skrillex song?
    00:17:53,810Maybe it should be kind of indie,
    00:17:56,174you know like the soundtrack from Juno or something.
    00:18:03,160I actually like this track.
    00:18:06,034It's sparse, and I think it would work well
    00:18:08,360with some voiceover.
    00:18:15,411Yes, you remember at this point,
    00:18:17,059all I've got is this vague movie
    00:18:19,474starting to form in my brain,
    00:18:20,999and I'm the only one that can see this movie at the moment,
    00:18:24,232and as I look through all this reference,
    00:18:26,498and listen to different music tracks,
    00:18:28,508my mind starts to fill in the gaps, all by itself,
    00:18:32,108and what I'm hearing is, a voice,
    00:18:35,758and not my voice.
    00:18:36,873My voice sounds too young, and goofy.
    00:18:38,972I want a deeper, more serious voice.
    00:18:42,111And I want that voice
    00:18:43,348to be saying something really profound,
    00:18:46,261about, I don't know, something.
    00:18:49,074I'll figure that out later.
    00:18:51,161At this point, sometimes I like to start sketching.
    00:18:54,998Now I am not a very good illustrator,
    00:18:57,561but it doesn't really matter,
    00:18:58,738because these drawings are just another method,
    00:19:01,522that I like to use, to jog by creativity.
    00:19:04,861Sometimes I just draw in Photoshop,
    00:19:06,988using a Wacom tablet.
    00:19:10,024So the way that I want to use Photoshop right now,
    00:19:13,748is basically as a drawing tool,
    00:19:16,949basically because I'm not a great illustrator,
    00:19:18,835and you can hit undo, when you're in Photoshop.
    00:19:21,933So I just want to use this
    00:19:23,249to kind of get my brain flowing a little bit,
    00:19:25,285so what I'm gonna do, I'm actually gonna grab
    00:19:27,395this built-in pencil brush,
    00:19:29,909and I'm just gonna use normal black color,
    00:19:32,422and the reason I'm using something like this,
    00:19:34,722which by the way, I'm using a Wacom tablet,
    00:19:36,399so I actually have pressure sensitivity,
    00:19:39,599which makes it a little bit easier
    00:19:40,784to get more natural kind of thick and thin lines.
    00:19:44,889If you can draw, you have a big leg up
    00:19:48,589on people like me who can't draw as well.
    00:19:51,162But, I'm not gonna concern myself so much with
    00:19:55,786the quality of the drawing.
    00:19:57,089It's really more about trying to find
    00:19:58,575some interesting angles,
    00:20:00,499try to develop a little bit more
    00:20:02,149of what this main character, sort of plant thing,
    00:20:04,912is gonna look like in my head.
    00:20:06,809And so, typically if I'm doing something like this,
    00:20:09,310I like to give myself, rule of thirds guides,
    00:20:12,749and so you can do that really easily.
    00:20:14,547If you go up to View, and say New Guide Layout,
    00:20:18,422you can just leave it on one of the presets,
    00:20:21,149and so you've got a preset called Thirds,
    00:20:24,633and you basically just have three columns and three rows,
    00:20:26,910hit OK, and you get guides.
    00:20:28,920So now you know where on the screen,
    00:20:32,196those focal points are.
    00:20:33,846When you're designing stuff, this is Design 101,
    00:20:37,000but it's always a good place to start.
    00:20:39,090With the rule of thirds,
    00:20:39,926don't put stuff right in the middle.
    00:20:42,650Put it like, on the third,
    00:20:43,826and even better if you put it in the bottom third,
    00:20:46,474and the left third,
    00:20:47,337it's a more interesting place for things to be onscreen.
    00:20:50,740So now I've got these guides set up,
    00:20:52,813and I want to start to get some of these images
    00:20:55,630out of my head and on to Photoshop,
    00:20:57,566so I'm gonna just quickly rename this layer, 01,
    00:21:01,814because I know I'm gonna be drawing multiple frames here,
    00:21:04,177and so let's just start out, okay?
    00:21:06,077I'm gonna draw just a horizon line,
    00:21:07,591and why not put it right on that third?
    00:21:09,577A cool little trick is, if you're drawing in Photoshop,
    00:21:11,804and you hold Shift,
    00:21:13,464you can draw a straight line really easily.
    00:21:14,941Okay, so new we've got a horizon line
    00:21:16,627right on the third, that's fantastic,
    00:21:19,414and let's just see what we like,
    00:21:20,391see if we like that.
    00:21:21,224So, there's gonna be some sort
    00:21:23,481of main character plant thing,
    00:21:25,600and I kind of picture it like over here,
    00:21:28,464and I don't know how big it is,
    00:21:29,651and I'm not sure what it looks like yet.
    00:21:30,978I'm just gonna start doodling,
    00:21:32,738this is more like gesture drawing a little bit.
    00:21:35,651And there's gonna be some sort of head to it,
    00:21:38,251some kind of flower on the top,
    00:21:40,164but I don't really know what that looks like yet,
    00:21:41,800so I'm just gonna draw a really rough kind of plant here,
    00:21:45,775coming up out of the ground,
    00:21:47,601and its opponent, is this big imposing something.
    00:21:52,477It's a mountain,
    00:21:55,325for some reason I like the idea that it's whatever,
    00:21:59,824this is like a nice organic thing,
    00:22:01,861and so whatever is creating tension for it,
    00:22:04,571creating the conflict in this short film,
    00:22:06,874is not organic looking, it's very straight,
    00:22:09,111so maybe it's almost like a big, tall building or something.
    00:22:13,458You've just got this big, imposing building.
    00:22:17,434By the way, you can see it's very hard to draw
    00:22:20,274good straight lines, using a tablet.
    00:22:23,408I'm hoping to get a Cintiq one of these days,
    00:22:25,884because that would make stuff like this a lot easier,
    00:22:27,647and so I'm starting to already
    00:22:30,809kind of see where this is going.
    00:22:33,360I actually like the way this building,
    00:22:36,474from a low angle, looks.
    00:22:39,184And it'd be cool if there is maybe
    00:22:40,824like some terrain in the background,
    00:22:42,458some mountains that are almost leading your eye
    00:22:46,247up towards that building.
    00:22:48,447So I'm gonna just roughly sketch those out as well.
    00:22:52,910And again, I'm thinking this whole thing
    00:22:54,160is gonna be done in this low poly,
    00:22:56,644this is the undo by the way,
    00:22:58,931in this low poly style.
    00:23:01,321And I want these to be a little taller,
    00:23:02,807so it just naturally leads your eye up
    00:23:05,908into this part of the frame where the building is.
    00:23:08,808Now I need to figure out where,
    00:23:10,594what this flower thing is gonna look like,
    00:23:13,618and I know I want low poly,
    00:23:15,731I don't know, I don't want a daisy looking thing like this,
    00:23:19,044that's gonna be kind of silly.
    00:23:20,618I want something a little bit more interesting,
    00:23:24,193that maybe won't look so childlike and goofy,
    00:23:28,344and so I'm just gonna open up Google,
    00:23:31,605and Google can be your best friend
    00:23:32,921when you're doing stuff like this.
    00:23:34,243Good afternoon, Joey.
    00:23:36,231And I'm gonna search for low poly flower.
    00:23:40,531I mean who the heck knows, it's Google?
    00:23:42,632And I'm just gonna open up Google Images,
    00:23:44,483and I'm just gonna let me eyes scan this stuff,
    00:23:47,132and this is how I like to work with reference sometimes,
    00:23:53,298I like to have Google just curate a whole bunch of junk,
    00:23:56,511and I'll just go down the page,
    00:23:59,498and just look for stuff that's interesting to me,
    00:24:01,998and see if something jumps out.
    00:24:05,651Like I'll see something like this,
    00:24:06,738I'm like that is beautiful, I love that.
    00:24:09,061It has no place in this short film, but it is very cool.
    00:24:12,747But I'm looking for a flower.
    00:24:13,998Now this is interesting,
    00:24:15,416because this is flowerish, but it's not a flower.
    00:24:19,124That's kind of cool, I like that.
    00:24:21,321Just polygons that are roughly
    00:24:23,519like the inside of a flower.
    00:24:25,744And then there's this too, I don't know what this is.
    00:24:28,007Let me click on this guy.
    00:24:29,484All right, this is really interesting,
    00:24:31,771and you can see that this is the geometry,
    00:24:35,148and then this is maybe like the painted version of it.
    00:24:37,821Maybe this is like for a videogame or something,
    00:24:39,884but I love, I just like the way this looks,
    00:24:42,471this low poly kind of tube-shaped flower.
    00:24:46,910So maybe that's what's gonna go on here,
    00:24:49,638so maybe like the actual shape of this thing,
    00:24:52,561maybe there's gonna be kind of like these curved petals,
    00:24:55,450like coming out and overlapping,
    00:24:58,561and some are bigger than others,
    00:25:01,001and in the middle, maybe you get this cool like
    00:25:04,351spiky kind of thing like this,
    00:25:07,137and you've got just kind of curved stuff,
    00:25:09,600and then there's kind of this like tube,
    00:25:12,887that it all comes out of.
    00:25:14,300And maybe that's the shape of the flower.
    00:25:16,317That's kind of interesting.
    00:25:17,737So I'm just gonna erase that, very quickly.
    00:25:21,387I'm gonna put a layer back here,
    00:25:24,651of just white, so that I can easily erase stuff,
    00:25:28,114I'm gonna lock that.
    00:25:29,874So I can erase stuff and not have to worry too much
    00:25:31,837about seeing through.
    00:25:33,787All right, so if that's the way it's gonna look,
    00:25:35,610and you've got this tube thing here,
    00:25:38,323and I want this to feel a little bit like a character,
    00:25:41,700so I want it leaning, a little bit, right?
    00:25:44,473And then out from there,
    00:25:46,000you're gonna have these little petals coming out,
    00:25:48,734and again, I'm not worried about how crappy this drawing is,
    00:25:53,437I'm more concerned with like, is this gonna work?
    00:25:57,134And like the posture of this thing doesn't feel right to me,
    00:25:59,883I want it to be a little bit more crunched over like this,
    00:26:04,333like that, and have like a little,
    00:26:05,783maybe a leaf coming out, kind of where an arm would be.
    00:26:08,983All right, and it starts to feel a little bit
    00:26:10,073more like a character.
    00:26:11,079Cool, and then another thing I like to do at this point,
    00:26:14,680I'm kind of working, like I said,
    00:26:16,330I'm working backwards, so I might jump all over the place,
    00:26:18,940just whatever's gonna kickstart my creativity here.
    00:26:21,754I'm gonna grab just a big, normal soft brush,
    00:26:27,540and I'm gonna call this value here,
    00:26:29,203and what I'm gonna do is set
    00:26:30,416the opacity of this brush down to 20,
    00:26:32,665and I'm just gonna lightly
    00:26:35,553start to play with the value of this frame,
    00:26:38,430just to see, because value, if you're unfamiliar
    00:26:41,665with that term, it's basically
    00:26:42,690the brightness and the darkness of stuff.
    00:26:44,780I've got like some mountains
    00:26:47,686that are kind of in the background,
    00:26:49,165and those are kind of in the middle.
    00:26:51,715This building's gonna be dark,
    00:26:52,989and the sky is gonna be bright,
    00:26:56,281and then the flower is gonna be dark,
    00:26:57,855and maybe it would be cool, if this,
    00:27:00,805let me go back to my pencil tool,
    00:27:01,881so maybe it'd be cool if there was like a shadow,
    00:27:05,088being cast by this building,
    00:27:08,295that was like blocking out the sun,
    00:27:12,981for this flower, right?
    00:27:15,908Maybe that's the struggle.
    00:27:20,358Maybe that's actually what's causing
    00:27:21,868the problem for this flower.
    00:27:23,681The sun's over here,
    00:27:26,058and it can't get it.
    00:27:28,668That's kind of interesting.
    00:27:29,608Okay, so now I've got this frame,
    00:27:32,168and it's kind of exciting to me,
    00:27:34,218because I like the angle of the building,
    00:27:36,993I like the composition here,
    00:27:39,245and I can sort of see this story
    00:27:41,393a little bit more clearly now.
    00:27:42,592This flower is being blocked,
    00:27:46,331the sun's being blocked by this building,
    00:27:47,945and the flower wants it.
    00:27:49,568So the next thing I want to do,
    00:27:51,081let me make a group for this.
    00:27:54,081Because I'm gonna reuse this little set up.
    00:27:55,531I've basically got my value.
    00:27:58,258And then I've got my artwork here.
    00:28:00,235And so I'm gonna duplicate this.
    00:28:02,285Let's make another frame.
    00:28:04,869All right, 02.
    00:28:07,272I'm gonna delete everything on this value,
    00:28:09,945and I'm gonna make this totally white again,
    00:28:11,985now, the next shot that I want to play with
    00:28:15,785is the opposite of this.
    00:28:17,420So this is low angle looking up at the building.
    00:28:19,820Now I'd like a high angle looking down at the flower.
    00:28:22,933And so this is where knowing a little bit
    00:28:24,835about the language of film can help you,
    00:28:26,933because there are some rules that you need to follow,
    00:28:29,971in order to make this work, as an edit.
    00:28:32,511If we're cutting from this shot to another shot,
    00:28:35,198I need to maintain the screen direction, basically.
    00:28:38,198And so what that means is,
    00:28:39,284the flower's on the left, looking to the right.
    00:28:41,485The building's on the right, looking to the left.
    00:28:42,984I need to maintain that.
    00:28:45,062Another thing that's really important,
    00:28:47,098from an editorial standpoint, is something called eye trace.
    00:28:49,971So, your eye is gonna basically be alternating
    00:28:53,585between the building, and the flower.
    00:28:56,261Okay, those are the two areas of contrast,
    00:28:58,712and those are obviously the subjects of the shot,
    00:29:00,898that's what we're gonna be looking at,
    00:29:02,062so I need to make sure that I don't ask your eye
    00:29:04,872to jump somewhere completely different.
    00:29:07,562So what I mean by that is,
    00:29:09,322if I want this next shot to have the flower,
    00:29:13,085but we're really far away from it,
    00:29:14,985and we're looking down at it,
    00:29:16,458well I don't want to put the flower like over here,
    00:29:20,448really like far away.
    00:29:21,871Let me up the opacity on this brush back up.
    00:29:24,758I don't want the flower over here,
    00:29:27,322like we're really far away from the flower,
    00:29:28,725looking down at it.
    00:29:29,558I don't what that, okay?
    00:29:31,035Because watch, the flower's here, now it's here.
    00:29:34,798That's gonna jar us.
    00:29:36,037Okay so I don't want that.
    00:29:38,011So what I'm gonna do,
    00:29:39,835is I'm gonna make this layer 50%.
    00:29:45,735Let me delete this, here we go.
    00:29:47,348I made this layer here.
    00:29:49,485I made this 50% opacity, and the way I did that by the way,
    00:29:53,696there's a great shortcut.
    00:29:54,529If you have this arrow tool selected,
    00:29:56,221which is the V key,
    00:29:57,761and then on your number pad on your keyboard,
    00:29:59,862you can just hit those numbers, zero's a hundred,
    00:30:02,772go over here.
    00:30:03,948Five is 50, one is 10, and so you can just quickly
    00:30:07,112play with the opacity of that layer,
    00:30:09,145and what I want to do is set it to 50%,
    00:30:11,212so now I can see exactly where
    00:30:13,535that flower is going to be.
    00:30:16,572All right, the flower is over here,
    00:30:18,235which means when I'm looking down at it,
    00:30:20,112maybe it wants to be up here,
    00:30:21,922kind of relatively in the same spot onscreen.
    00:30:24,698Doesn't have to be in exactly the same spot,
    00:30:26,647but if we're looking,
    00:30:29,422if we're looking down at it,
    00:30:30,498it's going to be something like this, right.
    00:30:32,348So there's our flower.
    00:30:33,812Then I can set the opacity of this back to 100.
    00:30:37,798There we go.
    00:30:39,085And then I can draw the building in,
    00:30:41,097and so the building again,
    00:30:42,498the building is on the right side,
    00:30:44,285this is gonna be on the right side,
    00:30:45,372and maybe what we do is we're kind of like
    00:30:47,185over the top of it, and we're at an angle where
    00:30:50,585the contours of that building,
    00:30:54,322are actually kind of pointing
    00:30:56,598to that flower, that'd be kind of a nice thing.
    00:30:58,735And it'd be cool too, if there was like
    00:31:00,498a little bit more detail to this building,
    00:31:02,158if it wasn't just such a boring shape.
    00:31:05,070So we'll definitely like, have a little bit more going on.
    00:31:09,148Maybe there's like different levels to it.
    00:31:12,008Once we get to the top you can see all that stuff.
    00:31:15,971And then what else is happening?
    00:31:17,721So you're gonna have the shadow,
    00:31:20,098which is gonna be sort of coming off the building like this,
    00:31:23,872and it's gonna kinda be like, you know,
    00:31:26,185being cast like that and,
    00:31:28,735and you can tell here's where my
    00:31:30,258limited illustration ability comes into play,
    00:31:32,758but basically here's the shadow,
    00:31:34,732of the building,
    00:31:36,033and maybe something like that,
    00:31:38,471and then, you know, off in the distance,
    00:31:41,498I don't really want to see
    00:31:42,331a bunch of mountains and stuff here,
    00:31:43,622like maybe you know, if you think about
    00:31:46,458the angle we're looking at this,
    00:31:47,608you probably won't see the horizon.
    00:31:49,982We might if there's a really wide angle lens on our camera,
    00:31:52,848so maybe the horizon would be over here.
    00:31:56,321So maybe up here you're starting
    00:31:57,858to see some mountains and stuff,
    00:31:59,048but really most of the frame is empty,
    00:32:01,805and we're really trying to get the audience
    00:32:03,308to look at the building, so let me grab my
    00:32:06,898big fat brush again,
    00:32:07,882go to my value layer here.
    00:32:09,598And let's just set the opacity to 20,
    00:32:15,896and let's just start to figure out the values a little bit,
    00:32:17,982so the shadow's gonna be kind of dark, like that.
    00:32:21,316The plant's darker so we can see it.
    00:32:23,432And then the side of this building,
    00:32:25,119could be really dark like this.
    00:32:28,032And really, the whole building,
    00:32:30,255like we could sort of have like dark kind of sections
    00:32:32,805of it like this, right?
    00:32:33,932And then the desert floor could be a medium
    00:32:37,882kind of thing like this, and maybe,
    00:32:39,655maybe these mountains are a little darker up here.
    00:32:42,230And let's just see, we can practice cutting,
    00:32:44,632like cut from this, to this,
    00:32:47,269and you can see now that it actually works.
    00:32:48,779This is what's great too about doing it in Photoshop,
    00:32:50,645you can really easily
    00:32:52,069kind of preview your edits here.
    00:32:54,845Now, looking at this,
    00:32:56,969it occurs to me, that I'm in the desert,
    00:33:00,079I've got these wide vistas.
    00:33:02,745And yet I'm working in a 16 by nine frame,
    00:33:06,542which, that's standard for television,
    00:33:09,105but movies and cinematic things
    00:33:10,805are generally not 16 by nine,
    00:33:12,305so I'm gonna go back over to the internet here,
    00:33:14,642and I'm gonna type in,
    00:33:17,055let's type in anamorphic ratio,
    00:33:20,354look there it is, first thing.
    00:33:22,241Anamorphic format, so typically when you go see a movie,
    00:33:26,455look at this, Dark Knight,
    00:33:27,292so you go see a movie,
    00:33:29,469they're shot at anamorphic scope,
    00:33:33,013sometimes called Cinemascope.
    00:33:34,789This is 16 by nine, and it's showing you what happens,
    00:33:38,105this is actually a great little image,
    00:33:39,791I'm gonna have to share this.
    00:33:41,191So, when you see this it makes it very clear.
    00:33:43,878When you have a wider frame like this,
    00:33:45,491you have your subject, but then you get to see
    00:33:47,277a lot more of the background,
    00:33:48,978which is really great for vertically oriented subjects,
    00:33:51,915like people or plants or buildings.
    00:33:54,390So 2.35 to one, that's the ratio that I need.
    00:33:59,195So, what does that actually translate into?
    00:34:01,439Let me pull up my little calculator here.
    00:34:04,165So can take 1920 and divide it by 2.35,
    00:34:08,765and that is the vertical size that I need this comp to be,
    00:34:12,391so I'm gonna just go up and change my canvas size.
    00:34:15,728Let me select pixels here.
    00:34:17,288And we'll do 1920, and I'm just gonna round it to 820,
    00:34:20,593to make it easier.
    00:34:21,945Okay cool, so now I need to scale
    00:34:25,858all this stuff down a little bit,
    00:34:27,408because I didn't really like frame it for this,
    00:34:29,618but I like this, this is nifty, right?
    00:34:35,292Let me just stretch out the values here,
    00:34:37,581just so we've got something to look at,
    00:34:40,231but you can kind of see,
    00:34:42,058yeah this is gonna be a little bit more Cinematic and cool.
    00:34:47,142Let me up the opacity here,
    00:34:48,893and I kind of draw this stuff back in a little bit more.
    00:34:53,545Yeah I like this, because this lets us see,
    00:34:56,095and this also makes me realize
    00:34:57,131I want the building to be a little thinner I think too.
    00:34:59,945I want it to be a little bit more delicate.
    00:35:02,181But we'll mess with that in Cinema 4-D.
    00:35:04,295But I like this framing so much more,
    00:35:06,478it's so much more cinematic.
    00:35:08,416You get to see the environment more,
    00:35:09,979which makes this look smaller,
    00:35:11,239and it makes this look bigger.
    00:35:13,502And then this shot too, even works a lot better,
    00:35:16,664with this kind of aspect.
    00:35:18,464And let me just kind of nudge these things down
    00:35:21,052a little bit and play with the framing.
    00:35:22,416Yeah, this is great.
    00:35:23,416Okay cool.
    00:35:24,752All right, so as I'm doing this,
    00:35:27,366I might end up using these for the animatic,
    00:35:29,629I probably won't, I'm probably gonna do a 3-D animatic,
    00:35:32,363but this is giving me just more fuel.
    00:35:35,963It's making this whole abstract thing
    00:35:38,839more clear in my head.
    00:35:40,766All right, so let's do another frame,
    00:35:42,489so let me just duplicate this little set up here.
    00:35:47,466And we'll move it up to the top, we'll call it 03.
    00:35:50,364And I'm going to make this white, and delete all this,
    00:35:54,152and I'm gonna go to the white layer, grab my pencil,
    00:35:56,115make sure I'm at 100%.
    00:35:57,229So one of the things that would be cool,
    00:36:00,589would be to have kind of like a nice slow push in,
    00:36:03,389into that flower, okay?
    00:36:05,126So we're gonna have like the spiky
    00:36:07,529kind of polygonesque center of this thing,
    00:36:11,760and I'm not sure what it looks like yet,
    00:36:13,497but I found that cool reference,
    00:36:14,923and then we're gonna have these
    00:36:16,447cool kind of curled
    00:36:20,344petals coming up out of the thing,
    00:36:22,560and maybe some of them are really thin,
    00:36:24,246and some of them are really fat.
    00:36:25,846We'll arrange those in a nice way,
    00:36:27,760and then, once that's done,
    00:36:29,570now you've got this cool kind of tube,
    00:36:32,520this kind of cool tube shape that comes off of the flower.
    00:36:35,433And maybe you can kind of see like, you know,
    00:36:37,196a leaf down here, or something like that, right?
    00:36:39,796But you're looking at this, this is the face of this thing,
    00:36:42,110and then behind it, let's figure out,
    00:36:43,760where do we want the horizon to be?
    00:36:46,170We want to pretty much be level with this flower
    00:36:49,346for a shot like this.
    00:36:51,133A good buddy of mine, Ron Zeitler,
    00:36:52,995amazing instructor of Ringling College of Art and Design,
    00:36:55,694he likes to say that camera distance
    00:36:58,293equals emotional distance.
    00:37:00,273So we are very close to this flower, right now,
    00:37:03,823so that means we're kind of asking the audience
    00:37:06,022to relate to it a little bit.
    00:37:07,923And what we're also doing is we're gonna put the camera
    00:37:10,996pretty much at eye level with it.
    00:37:12,996If we're looking down at something,
    00:37:15,410then psychologically that places us above that thing,
    00:37:19,560and we're omnipotent almost, looking down at it.
    00:37:22,457And if we're looking up at something,
    00:37:24,646psychologically there's something different.
    00:37:26,858And so this is the language of cinema.
    00:37:29,373So if you're at eye level with something,
    00:37:31,157you're now on the same level,
    00:37:32,333and if you're close to it,
    00:37:33,757now emotionally you're connecting with it.
    00:37:36,833And so if this thing was at eye level,
    00:37:39,596we can kind of cheat it a little bit,
    00:37:41,306but the horizon's not gonna be too far
    00:37:43,270from the center of the frame,
    00:37:44,570and so maybe we'll just stick it here like this.
    00:37:48,481And off in the distance,
    00:37:49,970I want this flower to feel,
    00:37:53,287I want it feel like it's being imposed upon.
    00:37:55,996Like it's this little anti-hero.
    00:38:00,195So what I want to do, is kind of like make some,
    00:38:02,870almost like some cliffs back here, or mountains,
    00:38:05,633or some kind of low poly thing, and again,
    00:38:08,383I'm kind of structuring them,
    00:38:10,844deliberately so that they angle up,
    00:38:12,720like this, it's bringing your eye
    00:38:14,560into the middle of the frame,
    00:38:15,645and maybe these are too tall,
    00:38:17,744but that's okay, that's another thing
    00:38:18,920that'd be easy to play around with in cinema,
    00:38:21,996to really nail that framing,
    00:38:23,710and I also don't want things to be too symmetrical ever.
    00:38:27,276So I'm gonna have this side
    00:38:28,604be a little different than this side.
    00:38:30,964And then I'm gonna just do a little bit
    00:38:32,204of a value exploration here, too.
    00:38:35,188And again, you don't have to do any of these steps.
    00:38:37,976I like to do the value exploration,
    00:38:39,927because it helps me figure out
    00:38:42,364if this shot's gonna be too busy,
    00:38:44,454before I actually like, do it.
    00:38:48,127And I'm not even sure like what story this thing is yet,
    00:38:50,677so I'm being a little bit premature here with everything,
    00:38:53,867but I know I want the flower to be dark,
    00:38:57,091and the flower's in the shadow,
    00:38:59,352of the building,
    00:39:00,601so wouldn't it be cool, maybe on this shot,
    00:39:03,977we see the flower, and it's lit up,
    00:39:05,701then the shadow of the building falls across it.
    00:39:09,217So maybe, ah see I love this,
    00:39:11,267this is how doing this,
    00:39:13,354it's like brainstorming with a pencil.
    00:39:16,304Like, maybe what we see is the shadow of the building,
    00:39:19,467it only comes to here, but like the sun is dipping
    00:39:22,228in the horizon so it's getting longer and longer.
    00:39:24,267And then we cut, and are pushing in,
    00:39:26,344as the shadow falls over this, and covers it up,
    00:39:29,444and then we cut back to this,
    00:39:31,228and this thing's totally dark and we're looking up at it,
    00:39:34,317and then what, so then what's gonna happen?
    00:39:37,027And so, anyway, so there's a lot of kind of story
    00:39:40,204to figure out here,
    00:39:42,040but this is already really helping me,
    00:39:46,277make this more real in my head.
    00:39:47,990I kind of know how I want
    00:39:49,104the flower to look a little bit now.
    00:39:52,954I mean this is kind of a good little style reference,
    00:39:55,354even though it's very undeveloped,
    00:39:57,317and I definitely want this to be a building.
    00:39:59,465I now know that this makes sense,
    00:40:01,665that this is a big man-made looking structure
    00:40:05,781with angles and stuff like that.
    00:40:07,941Then it's gonna contrast really nicely
    00:40:09,467with this more delicate flower.
    00:40:12,114Awesome, this worked out well.
    00:40:16,041So as you saw, like going into Photoshop
    00:40:18,817really helped me figure out
    00:40:20,804a lot of things about this piece.
    00:40:22,804It's becoming clearer and clearer,
    00:40:24,831each time I jog my brain a little bit,
    00:40:27,581and now I know that there's gonna be this big building,
    00:40:30,065and this plant, and we sort of started to figure out
    00:40:32,615what those things are gonna look like,
    00:40:33,754but I need to know more specifically now,
    00:40:38,117what is that building going to look like?
    00:40:41,191Well, I'm not an architect,
    00:40:42,631so I need to go and find some reference,
    00:40:44,641of tall, imposing buildings.
    00:40:47,489So I look in all the usual places,
    00:40:49,304and there's some great stuff out there.
    00:40:51,364And what I like to do sometimes,
    00:40:52,627is just type weird stuff into Google,
    00:40:54,877and see what comes out,
    00:40:56,177like how many people have ever typed in the search phrase,
    00:40:59,204imposing building.
    00:41:01,777So this image popped up,
    00:41:03,404and I love it.
    00:41:04,904It's really tall, and it's creepy,
    00:41:07,164in this sort of gothic way.
    00:41:08,854So this is my building,
    00:41:11,691or something close.
    00:41:13,904So, let's recap.
    00:41:15,054There's going to be a desert,
    00:41:16,891a plant slash flower,
    00:41:18,791a tall, evil building,
    00:41:20,404cool music, and voiceover.
    00:41:22,264And it's going to look low poly,
    00:41:24,077be very cinematic,
    00:41:25,138have some sort of emotional connection.
    00:41:28,118A script sure would be helpful at this point.
    00:41:31,806So I don't really want to write my own words for this.
    00:41:35,086I'm not a writer by trade.
    00:41:37,636And since this is gonna be a short little piece,
    00:41:40,221I'd rather tie it into something
    00:41:41,910that already resonates with people.
    00:41:44,121So I decided to try and find a quote to use.
    00:41:47,473But first, I needed some kind of theme to go on.
    00:41:51,860So thinking about the imaginary movie playing in my head,
    00:41:54,986it struck me that this is sort of
    00:41:57,121like a David and Goliath story, right?
    00:41:59,596You know the tiny little plant can use its advantages,
    00:42:02,509to overcome a much larger foe.
    00:42:05,346And maybe the plant needs the sun,
    00:42:06,910and it's being blocked by the building,
    00:42:08,247and you know there's like motivation for it,
    00:42:11,646so now let's go back to Google, and try to find a quote.
    00:42:16,844So in my searching, I found a couple of quotes
    00:42:19,184from a book called, wait for it,
    00:42:22,744David and Goliath.
    00:42:24,571It was written by Malcolm Gladwell,
    00:42:26,832who I am a big fan of his.
    00:42:28,698He is brilliant, and has written a couple of books
    00:42:30,708that I really love,
    00:42:32,784and the quotes go like this.
    00:42:35,194Giants are not what we think they are.
    00:42:38,019The same qualities that appear to give them strength,
    00:42:41,120are often the sources of great weakness.
    00:42:44,194The powerful are not as powerful as they seem,
    00:42:47,458nor the weak as weak.
    00:42:50,771Now you've got to imagine that in a much deeper,
    00:42:53,110James Earl Jones-esque voice,
    00:42:55,811which that's another thing I have to figure out by the way.
    00:42:58,161But when I read this, everything clicked.
    00:43:01,311We see a tiny little plant in the desert,
    00:43:03,598and its sun is getting blocked
    00:43:05,011by this big mean looking building,
    00:43:06,684and we naturally think the giant building is the strong one
    00:43:09,609in this scenario, but really that's not true.
    00:43:12,034Building's can't move, and plants can move,
    00:43:14,309and they can grow and adapt,
    00:43:15,598and maybe this plant completely overwhelms the building
    00:43:18,118in the end, and perches on top of it victoriously,
    00:43:20,771and this quote ties the whole thing together,
    00:43:23,169with brilliant music, awesome.
    00:43:27,484So, now what?
    00:43:39,918(upbeat music)