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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 7 | The Details

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Paying attention to the details.

So we are getting reeeaaally close to rendering out some frames. But before we do that, we need to make sure that we are really happy with a few tiny details.  Small things, really. You know, stuff like the animation, textures, lighting, camera settings, etc.  
Render responsibly people. The frames you save could be your own.In this episode we go over the state of the cut, come up with a hit-list of tweaks to make, and then knock those out while setting up a bunch of different render passes.
We go into render settings and ways to knock your render times down while keeping quality high.
If you're working on your own Cinema 4D project, we HIGHLY recommend checking out Rebus Farm.
They have saved my bacon more than a few times and are very reasonably priced.
Every episode of Making Giants comes with the most up-to-date projects and assets so you can follow along or break apart anything that isn't covered in the videos. Just login to your free student account to download.

Download the making giants details project files.

Download the Project

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