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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 5 | The Plants

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Creating plants in Cinema 4D.

In Part 4 we designed, modeled, and textured a giant building to add to our story. In this episode, we'll deal with the plant. As you're about to discover, however, that is going to be about 100 times more complicated and painful.
If something is going to move, you need to be a lot more careful when creating and rigging it.
This video is a DOOZY. We're talking 85 minutes of everything from designing to modeling to rigging to animating to texturing. It's just a crazy amount of information and it took a long time to actually create this asset.
One thing that we hope sticks, if you do manage to watch this whole video, is just how much time and effort doing a big project takes. It's pretty easy to underestimate just how much work is involved in something like this when you're seeing the whole thing done in your head before you even start.  Keep this in mind when you get rolling on your own projects... assume that everything will take 2-3X your initial estimate.

Download the making giants plant project file for Cinema 4D.

Download the Project

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