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Tutorial: Tracking and Keying in After Effects | Part 1

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Learn to effectively track and key using After Effects.

After Effects is not just for Motion Graphics, it's also a compositing tool. If you want to become a MoGraph Ninja you're going to need to know some basic compositing, and that's what this two part tutorial series is all about. There's a ton of info packed into just this first part where you'll learn how to remove an object from a hand held shot, do planar tracking with Mocha in After Effects, keying, and color correcting our composited shot. Make sure you check out the resources tab for info on where you can get some greenscreen footage to practice you keying skills with. And for a background plate, whip out your smart phone… it will be plenty good enough to play around with this technique. So much to learn, so little time. Let’s get cracking!

Download the keying and tracking project file for After Effects.

Download the Project

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