“Creating a personal project is like taking a creative voyage to find your own unique voice. You’ll be astonished at how it can create a much deeper emotional connection with your audience. Let your voice be heard and flow in a creative rhythm.”

Sofie Lee

What’s covered in this Workshop?


Impetus & inspiration

Where do dreams come from? In this section, Sofie discusses her main inspirations for Dream and how she used this project to share her unique perspective.


Crafting the concept

In this video Sofie and Ryan discuss how she brought the idea to visual life via storyboarding and writing.


Solidifying the story

Here we’ll explore how Sofie turned key visuals into a beautiful story filled with emotional moments and led by a voiceover, sound and score.


The importance of collaboration

This video focuses on the process of collaboration. We’ll explore Sofie’s feelings around directing collaborators and tips she learned along the way.


Defining and finding your voice

With her personal piece completed, Ryan and Sofie discuss what’s next and when Sofie will take on another personal project.


What’s included in this Workshop?

  • Watch instantly
  • Over 4 hours of video workshops
  • 2+ GB of project files
  • Lifetime access

The project

Dream is a stunning visual poem written, directed and designed by Sofie Lee. This film represents the power and effectiveness of using abstraction, visual metaphor, and design to create an unexpected world, convey an emotion, and tell a story.

The artist

Sofie Lee is a freelance visual designer and illustrator who specializes in concept development, storyboarding and styleframes. She’s currently based in South Korea.

Project files and assets

In addition to the video walkthroughs, this Workshop includes various project files that were used directly in the production of this film.From initial mood boards and storyboards, down to production project files that Sofie used to create her Dream.

Video walkthroughs

Not only will you be able to directly interact with many of the project files used in the making of this film; you’ll also be able to follow along with in-depth video walkthroughs from Sofie herself.


What software do I need?

The workshop can be viewed without any special software. If you want to download the project files to gain more insights, you will need the following apps for this workshop: Adobe Photoshop (CC 2021 or later) and Adobe Illustrator (CC 2021 or later).

Are any third-party tools or plug-ins required?

Nope! None of the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files provided in this workshop require any third-party tools or plug-ins.

Where will I be able to access my workshop?

You will be able to access your workshop through your School of Motion user dashboard. You must have an account and be logged in to access the workshop.

How is this different than a School of Motion Course?

Holdframe Workshops are deep-dives into specific projects done by an artist, studio, or collective. Rather than focus on broad fundamentals, they allow for a peek behind the curtain to see how some of the best work in the industry gets made. They are much shorter than School of Motion courses and are available to watch instantly after enrollment. Workshops do not have teaching-assistants, homework, or student groups like our courses do.

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