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Welcome to the 2021 Mograph Games

School of Motion

Motion designers of the world - let’s see you flex those MoGraph muscles!

At the 2021 Mograph Games, we asked you to squeeze those keys, extrude some nurbs, give 110%, and go for the gold!

From July 26th - August 6th, we released a ten-day marathon of MoGraph challenges for competitors of all skill levels, with events such as kinetic typography, character animation, compositing, 3D texturing and more.

Mograph Games Events List.jpg

The games may be over, but the challenges are still here to help keep your mograph muscles in shape! You can see a summary of all the amazing submissions by watching our Closing Ceremonies live stream, and download the briefs and project files for any or all of the challenges below.

Each day's challenge includes a short creative brief and usually some project files to get you started.

We received so many amazing submissions, there was no way to feature them all! You can check them out for yourself on Instagram, and if you feel inspired to complete the challenges yourself, simply post to Instagram using #mographgames.


Day 10: Medal Ceremony

We’ve reached the end of the MoGraph Games, and it’s time to celebrate! After all the amazing submissions we’ve seen, we’re going to need a LOT of awards to hand out...maybe you can help us with that?

See the Day 10 demo from TA Erin Bradley

Day 9: Artistic Mo-Ball

In the future, there will be only one sport. Motion designers, aided by cutting-edge technology, will spend their days competing to see who can move a shiny ball in the coolest way possible. The future is now: welcome to Mo-Ball!

Today's challenge includes Cinema 4D files that can be used with Octane, Redshift, or C4D’s physical renderer, and we’ve also included a version for C4D Lite.  

See the Day 9 demo from TA Alex Magnieto

Day 8: Cross-Country No-Keys

We’re nearing the end of the games, and we’ve unfortunately gone wayyy over our keyframe budget. Any chance you can help us animate this next promo... without using any?

See the Day 8 demo from Senior Motion Designer Kyle Hamrick

Day 7: A-B Transition Relay

You might be asking yourself: “Self, how does an event like the MoGraph Games so seamlessly blend faux-athletics and motion design?” Well, we’re actually glad you asked... because today, that’s your problem to solve.

Our designer has provided these two frames, but didn’t give any direction on how to transition between them. Oh, and we’ve only got five seconds (or less) for this shot, so keep it short!

See the Day 7 demo from Head TA Frank Suarez

Day 6: Freestyle Compositing

Our fearless founder & multi-event champion Joey Korenman has graciously provided some greenscreen clips of himself (and his daughter) performing some of those newfangled MogGraph Games dances all the kids are wild about.

We have to ask for your help to finish up these shots—though they’ll need keying, probably some masking or rotoscope work, and a proper background of course.

See the Day 6 demo from TA Nate Cristofferson

Day 5: Render Wrestling

You’ve probably worked up quite a thirst during this week’s events, huh? Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of ice-cold cans of Rendergy, the Official Drink of the Mograph Games waiting for you! Of course, we’ll need your help making them look as good as they taste.  

See the Day 5 demo from TA Luis Miranda

Day 4: Pre-Rigged Gymnastics

Representing the nation of Trianglia, here’s our first competitor in the Pre-Rigged Gymnastics. Unfortunately, they’ve completely forgotten their routine, and need you to help out!

This character has been rigged using the (always awesome) DUIK, and is ready for you to animate as you see fit. What kind of moves do you think will impress the judges?

See the Day 4 demo from TA Traci Brinling Osowski

Day 3: Timeline Obstacle Course

Get ready to finesse those animation curves—it’s the timeline obstacle course! Choose a portion of the course (or the entire thing) and animate how the ball will interact with it.

Drop it, bounce it, roll it, jump it off the ramp, crash it into the keyframes stacked on the right, or just collapse the entire course—it’s all up to you!

See the Day 3 demo from TA Algernon Quashie

Grab the file for Day 3, and good luck!

Download Now

Day 2: Synchronized Layouts

The MoGraph Games needs your help! Our designer is out with a sprained wrist, and we need some title design layout options for our next promo ASAP. We’ve got someone else figuring out the footage and imagery, so no need to worry about those. Download the files and get back to us with a solution!

See the Day 2 demo from TA Giovanni Grant

Day 1: Torch Typography

Let the games begin! Help us kick things off by animating this frame in whatever way you see fit. We’ve included a prepared After Effects file so you can dive right in.

This is a great opportunity for some kinetic typography and/or an interesting reveal. You could even bring the torch to life, if you’re up for a challenge.

See the Day 1 demo from TA Sara Wade

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