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School of Motion's Spectacular 2023 Holiday Card

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means at School of Motion – it's time for our much-anticipated Alumni Holiday Card!

This year's card brings together over 60 creative minds from a whopping 18 countries. So, grab your favorite holiday drink, get comfy, and let's dive into this gem.

Dive into real-time 3D with our Unreal Engine beginner's course by Jonathan Winbush. Master importing assets, world-building, animation, and cinematic sequences to create stunning 3D renders in no time! Perfect for motion designers ready to level up.

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Unlock the secrets of character design in this dynamic course! Explore shape language, anatomy rules, and motifs to craft animation-ready characters. Gain drawing tips, hacks, and Procreate mastery (or any drawing app). Ideal for artists seeking to elevate their craft.

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Elevate your freelance motion design career with our guide to client success. Master a repeatable method for finding, contacting, and landing clients. Learn to identify prospects, nurture leads, and develop a thriving freelance philosophy amidst chaos.

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Rev up your editing skills with After Effects! Learn to use it for everyday needs and craft dynamic templates (Mogrts) for smarter teamwork. You'll master creating animated graphics, removing unwanted elements, tracking graphics, and making customizable templates.

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Stand out with Demo Reel Dash! Learn to spotlight your best work and market your unique brand of magic. By the end, you'll have a brand new demo reel and a custom campaign to showcase yourself to an audience aligned with your career goals.

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Illuminate your 3D skills with Lights, Camera, Render! Dive deep into advanced Cinema 4D techniques with David Ariew. Master core cinematography skills, gain valuable assets, and learn tools and best practices to create stunning work that wows clients.

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Master After Effects at your own pace with Jake Bartlett's beginner course. Perfect for video editors, you'll learn to create stylish animated graphics, remove unwanted elements, and track graphics into shots. By the end, you'll be equipped for everyday AE needs and more.

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Revolutionize your Premiere workflow with customizable AE templates! Master creating dynamic Motion Graphics Templates (Mogrts) in After Effects to speed up your team's work. By the end, you'll craft easily-customizable templates for seamless use in Premiere Pro.

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This year’s theme, "In 2024, I Want to Do More…", has sparked an incredible array of animations. Our alumni have shared their aspirations for the coming year, making this holiday card not just a feast for the eyes but a window into the dreams of artists around the globe.

Now, let's talk tech. This year's submissions showcase not just talent, but also a diverse range of tools and techniques. From the classics—After Effects and Cinema 4D—to the cutting-edge Unreal Engine, and even some Blender magic, showing just how versatile and creative our School of Motion family is.

Before you dive into the video, a quick shout-out to all of our alumni contributors and to Traci Brinling Osowski, a School of Motion alum who orchestrated this project, blending individual dreams into a collective, visual delight.

We invite you to watch this year's card, marvel at the talent of our alumni, and perhaps find a little inspiration for your own 2024 aspirations. Whether it’s mastering a new software, exploring a fresh animation style, or simply finding more time to create, let this be the nudge you need to aim high.

So, what do YOU want to do more of in 2024?

Happy holidays, everyone! May your frames be smooth, and your creativity boundless. Here’s to a fantastic 2024 filled with more of what we love – motion design at its finest.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this year's SoM Holiday Card:

Sound design by Sanctus Audio

Leigh Williamson •  3D intro environments

Traci Brinling Osowski, Camila Lachman, Anne Saint-Louis, Sara Wade  •  Intro concept & character animation

Alistair Gunn  •  Growing  •  Australia

Alvina Cheng  •  Painting  •  Canada

Amin Rocking  •  Learn Something New Daily

Anastasia Tushentsova  •  Good Deeds  •  Russia

Bea No  •  Character Animation  •  Germany

Beau Brannon  •  Fiddle Fartin' Around  •  United States

Betsy DelCiampo  •  Cooking  •  United Kingdom

Bruno Jacquet  •  3D Jobs  •  Belgium

Charrisse M. Harrison  •  Watercolor  •  United States

Chelsea Winot  •  Drink More Tea  •  United States

Cian Abalos  •  Star Wars Inspired Art  •  United States

Cyrene Domogalla  •  Of What I Already Have  •  United States

David Brophy  •  3D  •  United Kingdom

Denise Seegers  •  Be More at Peace  •  Netherlands

Emily Kundrot  •  Moving  •  United States

Eva Nage  •  Space  •  United Kingdom

Gerry Theron  •  Watercolor  •  South Africa

Gilbert Venegas  •  Things Outside  •  United States

Giovanna Conforti  •  Reading  •  United Kingdom

J. Adam Brinson  •  Tabletop Gaming

Jamie Northrup  •  Dance (or Dancing)  •  United States

Jay Meagher  •  Pottery  •  United States

Jeff Russell  •  Travel, Draw, Chill, Play  •  United States

Jen Van Horn  •  Paid Gigs

Jeremy Rech  •  Music Listening  •  United States

Joana Sus  •  Skateboarding  •  Poland

John Louis Caiella  •  Making  •  United States

Joshua Arviso Becenti  •  Service  •  United States

Josiah Van De Steeg  •  Storytelling  •  United States

Julio Casanova  •  Cat Stuff  •  Peru

Karen Pearson  •  Activism  •  United States

Kendall Hotchkiss  •  Crochet  •  United States

Kris Ike  •  Floating  •  United States

Lauwers Sylvain  •. Less  •  Belgium

Lillian Meng  •  Exploring  •  Australia

Lisa Donohue  •  Gardening  •  United States

Marsh Nabors  •  Gardening  •  United States

Matilda Luk  •  Reading  •  United States

Melinda Kiss  •  Camping  •  Hungary

Nicola Magri  •  Projects  •  Italy

Niklas Sundin  •  Fishing  •  United States

Paddington Kaseke  •  Motion Design  •  Zimbabwe

Pete Bone  •  Eat More Fruit  •  United Kingdom

Phil Reed  •  Sriracha  •  United States

Ramon P Montoya  •  Rocking  •  United States

Sarah Proietti  •  Growth  •  United States

Scott Brower  •  Sleeping  •  United States

Shanice  •  Drawing for Fun  •  

Shannon Calderon  •  Motion Design  •  United States

Shawn Robinson  •  Focusing  •  United States

Stefanie Scholz  •  Art  •  Germany

Tao Mao  •  Face to Face Communication  •  New Zealand

Taylor Moore  •  Creating  •  United States

Todd Egan  •  Music  •  United States

Tomasz Kotermański  •  Travel  •  Poland

Tyler Bishop  •  Reading  •  United States

Tyra Martina Schad  •  Meditation  •  Spain

Valdair Leonardo Sgarbossa  •  Art  •  Brazil