3D Shading Tricks in After Effects

School of Motion

Balance style and substance with these 3D tricks for After Effects animations!

Working with a retro art style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice proper techniques. In fact, adding a modern flair can enhance old 16-bit animation into something truly engaging. You’ve seen the animation for Super Jonny 150K before, but it’s time to learn about the tools and tricks behind the video. 

This is an exclusive look at one of the lessons learned in our Workshop "16-bits of Character Animation, Action, and Nostalgia", featuring the retro animations of Fraser Davidson and Cub Studio. While the Workshop focuses on building a dynamic world of 2.5D animation, Fraser has a few great tips for creating 3D shading on 2D characters in After Effects, and we couldn't keep those kinds of secrets any longer. This is just a sneak peek at some of the amazing lessons Fraser has in store, so grab some Gamer Grub and a few 2-liters of Mountain Dew Code Red. It’s game time!

3D Shading Tricks in After Effects

16-Bits of Character Animation, Action, and Nostalgia

Super Jonny 100k was an action-packed, 16-bit world chock full of character animation, effects, and nostalgia. The epic continues in Super Jonny 150k, and this time he’s back to vanquish foes, keyframes, bezier handles, and take on his greatest threat yet… the After Effects render queue. In this Workshop, we dive deep with the legendary Fraser Davidson and the talented team at Cub Studio into this world of adventure and intrigue, and hopefully, we’ll learn some tips and tricks along the way.

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