After Effects to the Max

Ryan Summers

Multiframe Rendering in After Effects 2022 is a game changer for speed.

Motion designers around the world have long relied on After Effects as a workhorse. However, if we're being honest, there have been limitations. AE has a lot of potential, but it can sometimes feel like it's holding back. When you run it at full steam, your computer's cores barely breaks a sweat. What would happen if After Effects could truly unleash the power of your entire machine through multiframe rendering??

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Enter Multiframe Rendering, a new era of Adobe After Effects. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can enlist the entirety of your computer to add power and speed to the almighty AE. Watch render times get up to four times faster, preview the full scope of your projects, and prepare for even more impressive compositions.

We just a hint of this at Adobe MAX 2021, and we can't wait to put it to the test. Check out our experiment below, and let's see what we can do next!

After Effects to the Max

Multiframe Rendering in After Effects 22

Multiframe Rendering (MFR) adds incredible speed to your workflow by empowering all of your system’s CPU cores when previewing and rendering. Additionally, the After Effects team has added new features that take advantage of Multi-Frame Rendering to have you working faster in no time.

Now known forever forward as MFR, this power exists in multiple places within After Effects; it's not a single feature, but more like a new engine that many aspects of AE can tap into.

  • MFR for Preview in the Timeline
  • MFR in the Render Queue
  • MFR in Adobe Media Encoder

With your entire CPU tackling renders, we've seen some compositions process at 4.5x the original speed!

Cache Frames When Idle in After Effects 22

After Effects 22 has a boatload of additional features. We now have a Cache Frames When Idle option, which unleashes your idle processors to start previewing your active timeline when you step away from your computer.

That's right, when you stop to admire your design, After Effects will fire up processors to start caching your timeline. This Speculative Preview can be dialed into a user-defined start time in the Preferences; we've dropped it all the way down to 2 seconds, and it's completely changed the way we work in AE.For the first time ever, we've had to catch up to After Effects at times. It's a brand new day for animators

Composition Profiler in After Effects 22

On top of all that rendering and preview goodness, AE 22 also ships with the brand spanking new Composition Profiler, which gives you a peek under the hood to see what Precomps, Layers, and even Effects are slowing down those previews.

Notifications in After Effects 22

And when you're stepping away for that coffee break at render time?After Effects will now send you Notifications to your desktop and mobile devices through the Creative Cloud app to let you know a render has wrapped up!

We're excited to put all of these new features to the test to see how well they affect a professional workflow, so stay connected to School of Motion for even tips and tricks.

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