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Our Favorite Motion Design Projects of 2019

By Ryan Plummer

Take a look at our favorite motion design projects that have released in 2019.

We have the privilege of being sent some of the best work in the industry through emails, direct messages, and tags from the community abroad. It seems like each week there is something new and amazing to look at, whether it is new tools, tutorials, or killer animations posted online.
Our Motion Monday's email is a great resource that we send out each week recapping some of our favorite and hottest news. Recently, in one of our top secret team meetings, we thought it would be cool to make a list of the hottest animations we've seen this year!
What are our favorite motion graphics projects of 2019? Who are the up an coming animators you should be following? How are the boundaries of animation being pushed? Today you'll get an answer to those questions, and more!
Let's dive into what has impressed us the year, and hopefully you'll leave with some new heroes to follow.
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Our Favorite Motion Graphics Animations of 2019

We're going to review the first 6-7 months of 2019 in this list, and at the end of the year we may just do this again! This is not a count down, so there is no ranking system. This list is just us recognizing those top-tier, mind blowing pieces we've drooled over.
Here's a collection of our favorite animations of 2019:

Fender Pedals, Gunner

Using traditional frame by frame techniques, and killer sound and design, Gunner hooks us with an amazing master piece for Fender. Watch as they depict the journey of a rock and roll hero conquering mega bosses in his mission to reach the Temple of Tone.

Thou Shalt Obey

There are 24 commandments to advertising that we as creatives are expected to live and breathe. In an escape from the current trend of blasting your face with 80's color schemes, Golden Wolf delivers an epic black and white title sequence for AICP 2019. We loved the humor, and felt a certain bond grow over the sweet three and a half minutes of pure creative empathy.

The Patriot Act Show Graphics

Getting to see the power of motion design flex it's muscles in front of every day people, and really captivate their attention, is rare. That's not the case for Netflix Original The Patriot Act! Pep Rally teamed up with Slanted Studio and absolutely crushed this deliverable in a way that is sure to bring more light to the power of motion design in the future of live media. We can't imagine the technical work that went into mapping all of this out!

Every Frame a Painting

When it comes to technical execution and a lengthy process of artisan-ship, the Mitski's music video for Pearl is on a whole other level. After creating the music video in 3D they then painted each video frame by hand and then re-combined the images. Art Camp absolutely nailed this project!
If you want to learn more about the process and get an insiders look, check out this interview by Greyscalegorilla!

The Monster Inside

This mega style mashup up features 9 unique styles used to send one message: there's a monster inside. SOMEI created 9 different logo animations for a new phone focused on gaming, the Vivo IQOO. This motion design project features cel-animation, vector animations, and 3D animations in very different and unique styles. Not only that, but they really know how to pick music.

365 Different Characters Walk Cycle

There are some personal projects that are insane art masterpieces on a technical scale that push the boundaries of the modern workflow. And there are those that stick to one simple concept, have a good plan, and execute well. This personal project of drawing a walk-cycle a day is one of those.
Enjoy this very clever animation by Fabio Valesini, featuring characters we've come to love, and get a daily dose of nostalgia.

Anything But Ordinary

One of our favorite studios launched just this year, and they have already been making waves. But, being among our favorites doesn't automatically qualify you for this list.
Ordinary Folk has a way of moving the most beautiful art in a way that hypnotizes you. Their piece for Ecommerce is no exception. Watch as they use gradients, light, well planned compositions, and sound to effectively communicate a message.

The Design Kickstart Trailer

Now wait a minute, we're going to put our own animation on this list? Well, technically it is, and it isn't, our animation. This creative gem was actually created by the talented Allen Laseter!
It was a blast getting to work with Allen, and the resulting animated trailer for our upcoming Design Kickstart course was phenomenal. The execution of this piece is top-notch and the motion design community agrees.

Top Motion Graphics Demo Reels 2019

We wanted to do a separate section for showcasing demo reels. Mostly because the work was created in 2018, but the collection was produced in 2019.
Here is a collection of the top demo reels in 2019:

Ruben A. Demo Reel

First up, let's throw out someone who just popped up on our radar. 17 year-old young-gun, Ruben A!
First of all, what were you doing when you were 17? Most of us were still trying to figure out what to do with our lives. It seems like Ruben has a clear direction of what he's wanting to do for a living. If this isn't his greatest skill, we can't imagine how awesome he is in another field.

Cabin Creative Demo Reel

Cabin Creative blew us away with one of the best aesthetically pleasing intros and outros we've ever seen. If you're looking to study up on how to captivate someone's attention with some wow-factor level animation, dissect this demo reel.

MediaMonks Demo Reel

Speaking of amazing demo reel intros, MediaMonks deliver at a level most of us dream of. They've completed works for clients like Red Bull, Google, IBM, Netflix, and many other top of the food chain companies. Buckle up, this show-reel is a crazy ride.

Nidia Dias Demo Reel

Fancy moves aren't the only qualifiers for excellent motion design. Our next top demo reel still has them, but you'll notice some high-end art concepts that leave you questioning, "How did anyone think that up?"
Nidia Dias has been a popular artist lately, making appearances on The Futur and even our own podcast. When you see her work you'll understand the buzz around her next-level creative abilities.

Robbie Kujath - 2019's Reel to Beat

Demos are a great way to tell your peers and clients, "Hey, look at this! I know what I'm doing!" But, sometimes they're just eye-candy for your peers. We've said it before, but we believe the reel to beat in 2019 was created by Robbie Kujath.
Twitter has already gone crazy, and now it's your turn to have your creative mind blown. Sharpen your pencils, and pull out your hipster field notes pocket book. It's time to learn how to market your animation skills.

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