Designing once for Multiple Screen Sizes in After Effects

Sara Wade

Learn the easy way to design for multiple screen sizes in After Effects.

Life used to be simpler. Screens were 16x9 and that was that. Now, we've got 16x9, 1x1, 9x16 for chrissakes! Do we need to design everything 3 times!?!? Luckily, Sara Wade is here to tell you how she designs once, and delivers thrice. And, there's even a free After Effects template in it for ya.

Download Sara's After Effects Template Below!

Free Multi-Aspect-Ratio AE Template

Design once, deliver in multiple sizes with this template!

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In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • How to use a template to design for multiple screen sizes
  • How to think about your layout when working in multiple aspect ratios
  • After Effects tips and tricks

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