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Discover Your Creative Style Through Freewriting

Sofie Lee

Can letting your mind run wild lead to amazing animation? Sofie Lee talks about freewriting your way to a new project.

Have you ever tried freewriting? Just taking a pen to paper and allowing your mind to run wild? While you might not end up with the works of Shakespeare, this creative process can inspire new projects that help hone your personal style and voice. That's what Sofie Lee discovered when she crafted a new poem: Dream.

This is an exclusive look at one of the lessons learned in our Workshop "Directing Your Dream", featuring the flowing animations of Sofie Lee. While the Workshop focuses on turning a creative concept into storyboards and animation, Sofie has a few great tips for how freewriting can jump start your creative vision, and we couldn't keep those kinds of secrets any longer. This is just a sneak peek at some of the amazing lessons Sofie has in store, so grab your notepad, a fancy pen, and get ready to unleash your creativity. It's time to dream big.


Directing Your Dream

Dream is a stunning visual poem that was written, directed, and designed by Sofie Lee. This film represents the power and effectiveness of using abstraction, visual metaphor, and design to create an unexpected world, convey an emotion, and tell a story. In this Workshop, we explore Sofie's background and experiences, her inspiration behind writing this poem, and later how she translated that into the final storyboards, designs, and direction for this beautiful self-initiated film.

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