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How to Art Direct Concepts and Timing

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Can you animate a concept? What about art directing timing? Welcome to next-level tweaks for your personal projects.

Personal projects are where you can explore new concepts, perfect your skills, and experiment with difficult techniques. How far can you take your art when there are no guardrails or deadlines? Climent Canal uses personal projects to push the limits of his abilities and hone his voice, and he’s discovered some unique ways of approaching abstract concepts and timing. These might just be the secrets to going from good art to great.

This is an exclusive look at one of the lessons learned in our Workshop "Developing Your Voice Through Personal Projects," featuring gorgeous and surreal animation from Climint Canal of Clim Studio. While the Workshop focuses on developing your artistic voice and style, Clim has a few great tips for artistically representing concepts and timing your video, and we couldn't keep those kinds of secrets any longer. This is just a sneak peek at some of the amazing lessons Clim has in store, so grab your journal and some comfort food. We’re about to get personal. 

How to Art Direct Concepts and Timing

Developing Your Voice Through Personal Projects

Clim is as close to motion design royalty as they come. For years he’s released amazing work, both personal and professional. What’s so striking about this trend is how consistent it has been. Even back when most great works came from under the umbrella of a big studio, Clim was paving his own path and making independent work. It’s About Time is no exception. This beautiful 3D film is a perfect example of what makes Clim’s work so great: his excellent taste and sensibility married with his commitment to craft and creating beautiful personal projects.

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