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Inside Explainer Camp, a Course on the Art of Visual Essays

By School of Motion
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You Won't Believe What Explainer Camp Students Create for the Course!

If you're unsure how to navigate the increasingly competitive world of motion design, Explainer Camp is your answer.
You may be wondering, should I work freelance, join a studio or search for a design department job at a regular company? How much should I charge for a project? Or, should I charge per hour? What about timelines — what do clients expect, and what's realistic? What is the process of creating a professional motion design project, from start to finish?
All of these questions, and many more, plague the minds of aspiring motion graphics designers — and it was this frustration, voiced across the industry, that led to the creation of Explainer Camp.
Developed and taught by MoGraph guru Jake Bartlett, Explainer Camp is a deep dive into the art (and science) of visual storytelling.
Unlike most motion design courses, online and off, Explainer Camp guides you through the process of brainstorming, creating and completing a project — from script to final render.
If you're looking to make moves in the MoGraph industry, we highly recommend enrolling in Explainer Camp.
Unsure? That's OK. We know this isn't a decision to be made lightly. Our courses aren't easy, and they're not free. They're interactive and intensive... but that's why they're effective. (There's a reason 99.7% of our alumni recommend us!)
In this article, we'll show you some of the incredible work that's come out of Explainer Camp, only recently; and, we'll walk you through the entire course, week by week.

Inside Explainer Camp: Student Homework

Student Credits (in order of appearance): Jim Holland; Ivan Witteborg; Alejandra Velez; Jessica Daoud; Véronita Va; Steph Merhej; Hayley Rollason.

Inside Explainer Camp: A Week-by-Week Walkthrough


Week 1: Orientation

In the first week of Explainer Camp you'll meet your classmates, acclimate to the Camp format, and start your first project, testing your artistic skills by learning to think visually through sketching.

A Week 1 assignment from Christian Heerde.

Week 2: Book It!

In the second week of Explainer Camp you’ll learn about the initial phase of a client project. You’ll bid, schedule, and begin to concept this project for your client, getting into the nitty-gritty.
A Week 2 project breakdown from Leonardo Dias.

Week 3: Build a Blueprint

Before jumping into After Effects, you need to build a strong foundation for your project. That's why, in Week 3 of Explainer Camp, you'll start the creative process by storyboarding your idea and creating an animatic.
A Week 3 storyboard from Kamille Rodriguez.

Week 4: Catchup

During Week 4 of Explainer Camp, you'll have the opportunity to finesse your concept and animatic, while learning how to show off your finished work to get the attention of clients and employers.
A Week 4 animatic from Ivan Witteborg.

Week 5: Earn Your Design Badge

Time to make it pretty! In Week 5 of Explainer Camp, you’ll create styleframes and design boards to present to your client.
A Week 5 design board from Kyle Harter.

Week 6: Grab Your Walking Stick

With a strong foundation and buy-in from your client, you can begin crafting your final project. It's animation time! During Week 6 of Explainer Camp, your Teaching Assistant will guide you through the creation of your 30-second final video, providing notes and critiques along the way.
A Week 6 'boardimatic' from Melanie Aratani.

Week 7: Catchup

During Week 7 of Explainer Camp, your second catchup week, you'll have the opportunity to fine tune your project, while gaining further insights on and learning new techniques for enhancing the persuasiveness of your work.
A Week 7 video project from Anne Saint Louis.

Week 8: Keep on Truckin'

During the second-to-last week of Explainer Camp, you'll continue your project work, as well as learn how to appropriately receive and address client comments, optimally present your work, and direct voiceover talent.
A Week 8 video project, with voiceover, from Carolyn Lee.

Week 9: End of the Trail

Time to finish strong! In Week 9 of Explainer Camp, you'll complete your project, learning sound design, mixing, and how to apply those final touches that separate good from great.
A final project from Véronita Va.

Extended Critique

As with all School of Motion courses, Explainer Camp concludes with Extended Critique: bonus time that allows you to submit your final project before the course ends.
Another final project, from Nataliia Lyvtyn.

Inside Explainer Camp: Learning More

Not yet convinced? No problem. Visit the Explainer Camp course page for more information on the course and the instructor, the next enrollment date, and pricing.
You can also sign up to be the first to know when Explainer Camp goes on sale!

Not Ready to Enroll?

The industry has spoken: investing in yourself through continuing education is the number-one way to position yourself for future success. Of course, your personal MoGraph journey will depend on your current skill level and professional goals and, with so many courses to choose from, picking the right one can be pretty overwhelming.
To help, we've developed a course quiz to determine which School of Motion course is right for you.
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