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Great Sites for Motion Design Inspiration

By Johnathan Paul

Need a little creative inspiration? Check out these must-visit Motion Design websites.

A snootier website would probably want to write a really long intro about why inspiration is key to Motion Design, but we aren't that website...
These MoGraph sites are gonna blow your friggin' mind!
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We’ve collected a list of websites that should give you great inspiration and boost your creative process. Be sure to bookmark these sites for yourself.
Motion Design Sites_1_Stash.jpg

Without question Stash has become one of my favorite sites for curated motion design, animation, video and visual effects inspiration. Their permanent collection is incredibly deep with interviews and breakdowns from the industries top designers. They’re news section also keeps us up to date on the latest trends, jobs and events in our industry. Just be aware to fully unlock the site you’ll need to subscribe, but you can grab a 30 Day free trial to test the waters. It's worth it I promise.
Motion Design Sites_2_Inspiration Grid.jpg

Another well curated website is Inspiration Grid. Here you’ll find both still imagery and motion design inspiration from some of the very best artists out there. Inspiration Grid’s curated content tends to be unique which can be really refreshing in an industry where the same stuff tends to get shared over and over... Their section on Video & Motion Design is an excellent resource for MoGraph artists.
Motion Design Sites_3_Art of the Title.jpg

Without a doubt, Art of the Title is the best curated website for title design inspiration in the world. With an amazing catalog of film and television sequences you can find the best work from the best designers in the industry, and even get fantastic breakdowns by those same artists. You can also search by Title Sequence, such as “Game of Thrones”, or you can get a great comprehensive breakdown by searching for an artist like the legendary “Saul Bass”. If your working on a title or credit sequence this is the place to go for inspiration.
Motion Design Sites_4_From Up North.jpg

From Up North has been around for about a decade now and it has always provided artists with incredible curated design inspiration. FUN (acronym opportunity...) has catalogs for for graphic design, web design, motion design, and more. You can also browse their old galleries in the From Up North Archive. Their team also creates new design roundups from the best artists and brands every month.
Motion Design Sites_5_Mograph.jpg

Life as a Motion Designer can be lonely sometimes, but instead of going outside, you can always meet awesome folks at is more than just an inspirational site, it's a place for the Motion Design community to hang out. This site is a great place to watch reels, tutorials, and browse for job postings. There is even a section for Resources where you can get insight on the latest plugins, add-ons, scripts and more.
Motion Design Sites_6_CGSociety.jpg

Want to see the latest techniques and designs for big Hollywood 3D effects and design? Then CG Society is the place for you. The vast majority of what you’ll find here are high-end 3D animations and visual effects inspirations. You can gain knowledge from the community of artists through the forums, or you can check out some specific tutorials on the ins and outs of 3D character animation and visual effects development. Overall it's a great resource to have in the tool-chest.
Motion Design Sites_7_Abduzeedo.jpg

This website is a must for Motion Designers and designers in general. With a wide diverse range of inspirational examples Abduzeedo provides artist with highly curated content that includes tutorials, interviews, and professional design examples. You really can’t go wrong by bookmarking this website.
Motion Design Sites_8_Behance.jpg

Owned by Adobe (all hail Adobe), Behance is probably the largest source of curated design inspirations on the internet. It’s also incredibly diverse in its content as well. You’ll not only find some of the best inspirations from the best artists in the world, but you’ll also be able to access informative video content as well as a job’s board section. This truly can be a one-stop shop for many artists. Be sure to follow the Motion Design channel for really impressive inspirations.
Motion Design Sites_9_Dribbble.jpg

A lot of what you’ll find on Dribbble are design inspirations for web, print, typography, and logo design. But don’t let any of this stop you from using this site as a serious source of inspiration, because there is plenty to be had here. As a motion designer you need to have a firm foundation in graphic design and Dribbble will give you the right inspiration for that.
Motion Design Sites_10_Motiongrapher.jpg

Being one of the very best curated websites for up and coming motion designers and trends, Motiongrapher should be considered one of the very best resources for your inspiration needs. There are a host of resources beyond just eye candy such as interviews, news, job postings and even a motion design festival. Also, their curated motion design channel on Vimeo is pretty spectacular as well.
Remember to bookmark these sites in the future. Also, If you want curated inspiration delivered right to your inbox each week you should signup for Motion Mondays, our weekly inspirational MoGraph newsletter. It will be the highlight of your week, unless you're playing laser tag of course...
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