Wanna learn the secrets of the best motion designers on earth?

Holdframe Workshops

Project files and more

Every Workshop comes with numerous project files and assets to let you explore the  production of each piece. These are the actual production files from each film. You’ll learn not just why these films were made, but how.

Insights and techniques

Peel back the curtain and see exactly how the top artists do their craft. Workshops feature hours of video walkthroughs from the creators themselves, breaking down the main concepts being explored in each film.

Highly curated

Holdframe built its reputation on a highly curated approach. Here, you’ll see how some of the best work in our industry is made by many of the top figures. Even better, you’ll be able to learn directly from them.

Different than a course

Rather than teaching a particular skill,  Holdframe Workshops focus on a specific artist and film. They provide real world context and perspective on how the work was made, and do so in a digestible, on-demand format.

Democratizing the tricks of the trade

Learn from top artists, and explore real projects with real results.
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