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Luma's AI Video Dream Machine, Unreal UI Magic in a Car, & Adobe's TOS Saga Part 2

School of Motion

Got the need for speed? In this episode of Motion Mondays, explore Luma Labs’ Dream Machine, a text-to-video AI model that jumps ahead of the queue with (mostly) stable FAST motion, discover how Unreal Engine is revolutionizing automotive interfaces in the Rivian R1, and dive deeper into the ongoing Adobe Terms of Service saga.

Also covered: a look at some of the coolest motion design work being done right now, a powerful but easy design tip you won’t want to miss, and a roundup of newly updated motion design and VFX tools from around the industry. 

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LumaAI launches Dream Machine - Dream Machine, a really cool text-to-video AI model is available to try right now! See where your pug prompts take you. Or if you’re stumped, check out these examples instead.

Curious Refuge Compares AI Video Results - Curious Refuge did a side-by-side comparison of publicly available models Runway, Pika and Lumalabs. Check out the results!

Noodle Drops Origin, a New Short Film - Doug Alberts and his studio Noodle have released a gorgeous short film called Origin, a meditation on movement, perspective, and change.

Project Neo adds Combine Modes - Adobe's Project Neo continues to evolve, becoming more WOMP-like with new combine modes that treat geometry like gooey, mushy Play-Doh.

Raphael Rau Gets Clever With 3D - Raphael Rau is an amazing 3D artist known for his photorealistic 3D renders, and he recently shared a piece with a camera movement that felt so natural, we thought it was real at first.

LottieCreator adds AI Motion CoPilot - Lottie Creator has introduced an AI-powered feature called Motion Copilot. It lets you describe your animation in plain english and then generates keyframes based on your prompt.

Student of the Week - Zeph Rissin - C4D Basecamp - Our Student of the Week, Zeph Rissin, harnessed their inner director for their Your Inner Spielburg assignment, in our Cinema 4D Basecamp course! 

Cartwheel Text to Character Animation - Cartwheel is a text-to-animation platform focused on character animation.Have a look and see what you think of the results!

Cascadeur - Standalone 3D software that lets you create, clean up and edit keyframe animation. Includes AI-assisted and physics tools that can dramatically speed up the animation process with high quality results.

Silhouette Updates and New features - Silhouette, Boris FX's powerful rotoscoping and matting software, has added some impressive new features in its 2024 release.

Rivian uses Unreal Engine to power Automotive UI - Unreal Engine is everywhere lately, and now it's even powering the infotainment display UI in the new Rivian R1 electric vehicle.

Metafy mirrors the video game experience with Rive - Metafy is a platform for gamers to hire gaming coaches, or to become coaches themselves. They are also early adopters and innovators of Rive, the 2D animation tool. In this recently published case study, Metafy talks about how they’re using Rive to add tons of interactive animation to their website and their app, and why they’re bothering to add so much animation in the first place.

Motion 4 Updates - Matt Jylkka, the man behind Mount MoGraph and a pillar of the MoGraph community, has released an update to his popular Motion 4 toolset for Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Clarifies TOS - Adobe has published a blog post and promised updated Terms of Service this week. 

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