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Our Nine Favorite Motion Design Projects (September 2019)

By School of Motion

The Top Nine MoGraph Works of September 2019

Motion graphics artists are innovative and prolific. The proof is in the Google search — and the groundbreaking submissions we receive each month.
We're always on the prowl for profound new motion designs and, as usual, you came through in September 2019. Thank you! This month we're featuring nine of our favorite animations — including new releases from Apple, Cub Studio, Gunner, and Ordinary Folk.
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Wonderful Tools

In addition to being the operating system of choice for the majority of motion designers, one thing Apple is known for is its aesthetic.
There's always near-alarming anticipation around any new Apple event or product, and the multinational technology company didn't disappoint this year with its Wonderful Tools video, staying true to its sleek, modern look while delving deep into its history to feature generations of its computing hardware.
Hat's off to the designers who created the storyboards, as well as the animators who masterfully managed the scene-to-scene transitions.

Not Just a Sandwich

Lil Nas X helped popularize the grilled Italian panini sandwich with the second single — of the same name — off his debut EP 7; peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, the platinum-selling song also proved the young artist is not another one-hit wonder. But what most intrigues us is the intergalactic, futuristic music video.
And we aren't alone. Vulture, for instance, started its video review with:
The art department and visual effects team for Lil Nas X’s music video “Panini” deserve … an Academy Award? Nobel Prize?
Indeed, the Mike Diva-directed mini musical features 17-year-old actress Skai Jackson striving to outrun the rapper and a crew of choreographed robots in a Blade Runner-esque Tokyo setting. Lights, holograms, product placements, floating billboards and flying cars abound.
Is this our future? If so, we can thank motion designers for depicting it first.


The beauty and soul of the debut short film by animation and video game industry veteran Jamaal Bradley is almost overwhelming. Don't let any naysayer tell you motion design cannot achieve compelling lifelike results.
Based on true events and directed, written and produced by Bradley, the fully animated Substance explores the divergent paths of two Black brothers in an American city. It debuted on the festival circuit in early 2019 and has been lauded critically for months.
Previously, Bradley has served as a senior or supervising animator at Disney and Dreamworks. His past credits include Tangled, Puss in Boots, The Croods series, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Penguins of Madagascar. He's also worked in gaming for years and is currently senior animator at Valve Corporation.
With Substance, Bradley is entering a new stage in his career, while advancing the field of animation for all of us.

Press Enter

PRESS ENTER is intense, impactful, even overwhelming.
Intended to explore "the notion of digital technology through a network that invades urban space, but also raises the question of artificial intelligence and its impact on reality," the uniquely stylized and thought-provoking Almir Nago and GEDEØN collaboration achieves its purpose.

Press Start

Congratulations are in order for Cub Studio.
Why? Although its creator and Creative Director Fraser Davidson said September 19 that his shoutout in our 2019 industry survey made him more proud than anything since starting Cub Studio, the real reason is the landmark achievement of reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram — the number-one place motion designers say they go for inspiration.
To celebrate their success, the crew at Cub dropped the Super Jonny 100K video.
If you grew up with the original Nintendo, expect some flashbacks.

An Easter Egg Hunt

"Ladies and gentlemen, start your cubes..."
Half Rez 8 blew into and out of the Windy City Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Its title sequence, however, will last forever.
Built by Boxfort, the animated urban journey is fun, and — like our manifesto video — fortified with easter eggs for you to find.

Out of Office

What happens when you step away from your computer? Do your clients sweat? Do your prospects turn to your competitors? Will your office catch on fire!? Does it even matter since you were away at Blend Fest (no, that's not Andrew Kramer, that's our CEO, Joey)?
Don't worry, an all-star cast of creatives has your answer.

Truly Blended

Gunner got the opening titles gig for this year's Blend Fest, and created an adorable animated forest world where, with the introduction of seemingly benevolent human intervention, everything blends... and blends... and blends.
A fun — albeit somewhat startling — concept, the animated sequence's progression is perfect for the introduction to the most popular meetup in the MoGraph industry.

Anything But Ordinary

We've grown and changed a lot since we started back in 2013; today, we're the number-one online MoGraph school in the world, with nearly 7,000 students across more than 100 countries.
To celebrate our success and more effectively tell our story, we collaborated with the extraordinary team at Ordinary Folk to create our Brand Manifesto video.
We couldn't be happier with the result — and the community seems to concur.
What do you think?

Something for Us to See

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