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Our Six Favorite Motion Design Projects (October 2019)

By Ryan Plummer

The Top Six MoGraph Works of October 2019

With new releases from Vucko, Cub Studio, Gunner, Ordinary Folk and others, this month's array of extraordinary animations is especially emotive — apropos for the season of falling leaves.
Take notes for inspiration, or reverse engineering, and be sure to submit your motion graphic works for future consideration. (We're always on the prowl for profound new motion designs!)

From Nothing to Something

Ever notice how overly used the word inspiration is today? We're guilty of it, ourselves.
In a new short animated film, From Nothing to Something, a crew of MoGraph heavyweights tackle the topic, with spellbinding stylistic variety. And, in fact, it really is inspirational.
Contributors to the massive Vucko-directed collaboration video include our friend Jorge R. Canedo E. (aka JR Canest) and our very own Illustration for Motion instructor Sarah Beth Morgan.

What if We Nuke A City?

Motion design is a powerful tool for communication. It can help us visualize the abstract, understand a theory, or witness an event we may never otherwise experience — and, in some cases, would rather not.
In this evocative animation from Munich-based design studio Kurzgesagt, you can live through a nuclear explosion, from the safety of your own home, office or coffee shop.
Even the idea is overwhelming, as creatively and carefully captured by Kurzgesagt.


Generosity is the title of Ordinary Folk's animated video for The Bible Project — and, as it turns out, a term applicable to the creative crew behind our brand manifesto video, too...
In October 2019, Ordinary Folk didn't simply share this Bible Project narrative of God's generosity in relation to today's global scarcity, they also launched Play, a new section of their website dedicated to offering snippets and project files from their past works and spare-time experiments "as a means of giving back to the wonderful motion design" community that motivates us all.

Rutger Bregman on Taxes

Mexico City-based creative director, designer and animator Yaniv Fridman dedicates his creative energies to addressing important issues, even founding a nonprofit organization to promote social causes through animation. Recently, he teamed up with music and sound design studio CYPHER to create Rutger Bregman on Taxes, a video animation leveraging a 2019 Davos quote from the Utopia for Realists author on wealth inequality, philanthropy and taxes.
Glitchy and typographic, this mixed-media, news clipping-style mini-movie drives home the point, with dynamic motion.


You, too, can glow — even amidst the menial and monotonous...
And, according to IBM, the automation of everyday tasks will enable increased creativity in the future. But you be the judge.
Watch Myriad Media's character-driven narrative — with animation and post-production from BIEN — and join Jane on her journey into the workplace, where ideas and dreams now sometimes go to die.
Do you believe in what IBM envisions?
Want to go behind the scenes?
Glow co-director Reece Parker has shared some sketches, snippets and styleframes on his site.


"Gnarly" Arley Cornell has released his Reel 2019, featuring his work from the past couple years, including some personal passion projects and collabs with Dash Studio, We Are Royale and Oddfellows.
Looking for a character animation case study? Need to build your own reel? Want some tips on combining audio and animation? Watch this:

Not Alone

Our favorite motion designs of the month are standout projects from top-level motion designers, requiring hours of work, ongoing education and bonafide critique.
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