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Our Most Popular Mograph and Animation Courses, Remastered!

School of Motion

Get ready for the ultimate reboot of our two blockbuster beginner courses: After Effects Kickstart & Cinema 4D Basecamp.

Kick your design prowess into overdrive with our revamped courses, now turbocharged with fresh lessons and content, and taught on new versions of After Effects and Cinema 4D. Fear not – our awesome, engaging instructors (the legends who’ve made these courses a top pick in the industry) are back, ready to catapult you toward mograph greatness.

Thousands of professional artists have launched their careers in motion design with these courses—now it’s your turn!

Winter 2024 just got hotter…our session begins on January 8th! If you've been eyeing these courses, now's the time to dive in. Here's the scoop on each course:

After Effects Kickstart

Dive into the fundamentals of motion design with our most popular After Effects course, led by Nol Honig. After Effects Kickstart is your secret weapon to dominate the world of animation. You'll plunge head first into the world’s most popular animation software, crafting dynamic visuals from day one. By the conclusion of this course, you’ll be comfortable creating—and showcasing—your own professional-grade motion designs in After Effects.


Cinema 4D Basecamp

Learn Cinema 4D from the ground up in this introductory C4D course led by Maxon Certified Trainer, EJ Hassenfratz. Unlock your creative potential as you master the essentials of 3D modeling, lighting, and animation—key skills for 3D motion design. Gain command over the basic principles that will set the stage for your future in advanced animation.


How to Register

Mark your calendar! Registration for these game-changing courses opens Friday, November 24th. And guess what? We're kicking off with an unmissable early-bird discount for the first few days (details coming VERY soon). Don't snooze on early registration - snag that deal!

In the meantime, hit the button below to grab the syllabus for both courses straight to your inbox. Plus, we'll ping you with a reminder about registration and that sweet special pricing as soon as it drops. Get ready to level up!

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