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NFT Success and The Future of Motion with Rive CD Jerry Liu

School of Motion

In this week's podcast, we chat with Jerry Liu—Creative Director at Rive and a man who's seen a lot in his prolific motion design career.

He's done plenty of studio work, a stint at Meta, made 7-figures selling NFTs (!!!), and is now deep in the fast-growing world of interactive motion design.

In this conversation, Jerry talks transparently about his career, the NFT rollercoaster he got to ride, and his thoughts on the future of this industry. 

Jerry goes deep into his current role at Rive and its impact on the field of motion design. Rive stands out as a platform that simplifies the creation of intricate, interactive animations, enabling motion designers to integrate their work directly into digital products without needing deep coding knowledge. He shares his perspective on Rive's influence in making motion design more accessible and interactive, reflecting on the shift towards creating animations that respond dynamically within digital environments.

This evolution in design tools encourages a more intuitive and collaborative approach between designers and developers, fostering innovation in how digital experiences are conceived…and delivered.

If you're curious about the thrill of designing for interactions or the potential opportunities that new tools like Rive can open for motion designers, this episode is an absolute goldmine.


Check out more of Jerry's work: https://www.jerryliustudio.com

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