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Sew What!? 3D Stitching Tutorial in Cinema 4D

David Rickles' 3D thread tutorial is packed with practical techniques and insights that can significantly enhance your 3D workflow. This one will have you in stitches. Sorry, not sorry. 🧵

As motion designers we're always looking for interesting ways of building text and logos on screen. In this Cinema 4D tutorial David Rickels shows you how to bring a logo on screen and have it threaded to a cloth - super useful for sports and other broadcast graphics. He'll also share some tips for making sure your brand colors stay on brand. Although the tutorial centers around creating a versatile embroidery, or stitching effect, there's a ton of foundational Cinema 4D techniques he uses that can be applied to any project. So pull up a chair and grab yourself some Gatorade and Crackerjacks. It's game time baby!

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Cinema 4D Tutorial: Creating a Stitching Effect

Although the tutorial centers around creating a versatile embroidery, or stitching effect, there's a ton of foundational Cinema 4D techniques he uses that can be applied to any project. Highlights include:

  • Creating systems that are replicable, minimizing the need for excessive keyframes and objects
  • Using spline in Cinema 4D for thread creation
  • Using keyframes and plane effectors -- making subtle changes to create significant  impact
  • Color management,  emphasizing the role of Cinema 4D's Redshift standard material and integrating Cinema 4D with After Effect
  • Setting up a displacer object for global animation
  • Using  cryptomattes and puzzle mattes during rendering, striking a balance between efficiency and quality
  • Adding depth of field using the camera lens blur effect in After Effects

Whether you're actually looking to create an embroidery effect — or you simply want to pick up some new color and animation tricks and techniques — this tutorial is an hour well spent. 🧵