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Work Faster in After Effects and Premiere

Learn the Essentials of the Essential Graphics Panel to Super-Charge Your Workflow

We all want a way to work faster (and smarter), right? You actually already have this power available to you - in the Essential Graphics Panel! If you want to work faster in Premiere, After Effects or both, the EGP (as the cool kids call it) is the way to do it. 

Maybe you’re wanting to use or create Motion Graphics Templates (aka Mogrts), you’re looking for ways to streamline your After Effects work by reducing pre-composing and making your elements more flexible, or you’re ready to unlock a whole new pipeline of possibilities by using Essential Properties. I’m here to help with all of that - get ready to make friends with the EGP and all the new options it’s about to give you!

Download The Free After Effects Project Below!

Follow along with this free project file - requires After Effects 2023

Free After Effects Project File
Follow along with this free project file - requires AE 2023
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Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Mogrt Mania is an instant-access course that will teach you the essentials of creating your own dynamic Motion Graphics Templates (Mogrts) in After Effects, to help you and your team work faster & smarter every day.