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Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Tools

Take control of Cinema 4D with these handy tools, easily found in the Tools Menu.

How to Draw Caricatures for Motion Design

Drawing caricatures for animation can be tricky, but these simple steps can make the process a lot easier.

Adobe's 3D Workflow - Victoria Nece

Adobe is changing its 3D game with a new design, and it looks pretty dang slick!

After Effects
Adobe's New 3D Workflow

Adobe just announced some new improvements to their 3D workflow, and it's great news for motion designers.

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Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Select

Are you constantly selecting and re-selecting objects in a C4D project? You need to dig more into the Select menu.

The Best Computer You'll Never Build - Shadow

Looking to future-proof your desktop? Maybe the best computer for you already the cloud.

How Cloud Gaming Can Work for Motion Designers - Parsec

Can a cloud-based gaming app be a great solution to motion designers on the go?

After Effects
How to Create a Glitch Effect in After Effects

Did you just get hacked? Learn how to make an awesome glitch in After Effects.

Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Modes

Points, Edges, and Polygons...oh my! It's time to look at the Modes menu in Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D
Crafting an Instagram Campaign with Aixsponza

Aixsponza shares details on the Instagram campaign they built for BMW's first-ever electric coupe.

The Motion of Medicine - Emily Holden

Medical Illustration is a fascinating path for Motion Designers. We talked with Emily Holden on how her studio brings the human body to life

Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Create

Becoming a C4D guru means learning the ins and outs of the program. Let's take a deeper look at the Create Menu!