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4 Simple Tips to Design with Contrast and Type

Contrast and type can have a profound effect on your composition, and we've got a few tips to get your started.

After EffectsIllustrator
The Furrow's COVID-19 Collaboration

The best thing you can do is help others. The Furrow set out to bring a little information to the world with an incredible collaboration.

Cinema 4D
A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Substance Painter

If you want to improve your 3D workflow, you owe it to yourself to learn Substance Painter.

After Effects
3 Easy Ways to Create 3D Text in After Effects

Creating 3D text helps you stand out, so we're showing you 3 easy ways to make your own in After Effects.

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After Effects
How to Use Masks in After Effects

Masks are an essential tool in After Effects, and Kyle Hamrick is here to show you a few easy tips.

After EffectsPhotoshopIllustrator
What Are Animatics, and Why Are They Important?

It's fun to just jump into a project, but using animatics will save you time and frustration, and set you up for a better finished product!

Cinema 4DAfter Effects
Quadruped Anatomy for Animators

Learn the ins and outs of rigging a variety of quadrupeds in After Effects and Cinema 4D!

After Effects
How to Stretch and Smear Text

Get ready to learn one of the industry's hottest new trends: Stretching and Smearing text!

After Effects
Five After Effects Tools You Never Use...But You Should

Learn about 5 tools native to After Effects that you really ought to use!

After EffectsCinema 4DIllustratorPhotoshopPremiere Pro
The Ten Best Videos To Kickstart Your MoGraph Creativity

Ten incredible videos aimed at kickstarting your creative process.

Cinema 4D
Texturing with UVs in Cinema 4D

Gain control over your materials and learn to texture with UVs in Cinema 4D S22!

Cinema 4D
The Top New Features in Cinema 4D S22

Our first look at the top new features in Cinema 4D S22!