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Cinema 4D
Better C4D Renders - Lighting Beyond HDRIs

HDRIs can light your renders, but they can also make a scene look flat. Learn how to layer your lighting and guide your audience!

Cinema 4D
Better C4D Renders - Choose a Focal Length

Framing your renders means understand who to use your digital camera. David Ariew is here to help you choose your focal length.

Cinema 4D
Better C4D Renders - Moodboards and Storyboards

The best designs require planning. It's time to break out your storyboards and moodboards and learn to render better with David Ariew.

Boarding for BoJack Horseman - Alex Quintas

What does it take to create storyboards for today's biggest animated TV shows? Meet storyboard artist Alex Quintas.

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Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Volume

Volumes help you create smoke, clouds, and abstract geometry. Let's dive into the Volume Menu is Cinema 4D with Luis Miranda!

Motion Design Training for Your Team...with School of Motion!

You already hired your dream team. Now it's time to give them the skills they need to succeed.

After Effects
Advanced Shape Layer Techniques in After Effects

Learn how a simple technique for organizing shape layers can lead to advanced motion design compositions!

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Application Form

Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Spline

Want to add some new dimension to your 3D artwork? Time to grow a spline! Let's dive into the Spline menu in Cinema 4D.

After Effects
Getting Unstuck: A Total Project Walkthrough

What happens when two talented artists collaborate to get out of a creative rut? A pretty slick animation!

Over the Moon with Glen Keane

An Academy Award-winning director is here to talk about the animation industry, building incredible worlds, and his brand new film.

Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus - Mesh

Center objects and paint with the polygon pen. It's time to dive deep into the Mesh menu.