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The Rules of Composition for Designers

Want to improve your compositions? Then you gotta go back to the basics!

What is the Future of Motion Design? Nobody Knows!

What is the future of motion design, your career, and the entertainment industry as a whole? Nobody knows...but we've got a few ideas.

Cinema 4D
A Guide to Cinema 4D Menus: File

It's time to explore a whole new menu series. We're looking at Cinema 4D, starting with the File menu!

How to Be the Perfect In-House Permalancer

Want the freedom of freelance with the stability of a studio? How about life as an in-house permalancer?

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4 Simple Tips to Design with Contrast and Type

Contrast and type can have a profound effect on your composition, and we've got a few tips to get your started.

After Effects
A Guide to After Effects Menus: Window

In our final article on the After Effects Menus, Matt Nelson looks at the oft-overlooked Window tab.

How Upskilling Your Employees Empowers Workers and Strengthens Your Company

The best way to empower your employees is by providing them the skills they need to succeed.

Your CoPilot Has Arrived: Andrew Kramer

For the 100th episode of our podcast, we turned to the man that led the way: Andrew Kramer!

A Guide to After Effects Menus: View

We're jumping into another exploration of the After Effects Menus, this time looking at the View tab.

After EffectsPhotoshopIllustrator
How to Animate Character "Takes"

If you want to bring your animations to life, you need to study character takes.

After Effects
A Guide to After Effects Menus: Animation

It's time to expand your knowledge of the Animation Menu in After Effects!

The Art of Collaboration: Seth Eckert

Creative Director Seth Eckert shares how The Furrow collaborated with a number of top artists for their incredible COVID-19 project.