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Mindfulness for Motion Designers

Mental health and well being is a key part of being a well-rounded creator.

How to Use Procreate with Photoshop

Procreate is a powerful tool for designers on the go, and we've got a few tips to improve your process.

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Type

Find all the ways to affect your type in this deep dive into another Photoshop menu.

Mothers in Motion

This Mothers' Day, we want to celebrate the incredible artists that raise the bar while raising a family.

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Why You Should Use Motion Graphics in Your Marketing

Content marketing is here to stay, so how can motion graphics elevate your brand and help you stand out in the crowd?

Working for the Foo Fighters - A Chat with Bomper Studios

What would you do for a chance to work with the Foo Fighters? Bomper Studio took their shot...and it paid off.

Cinema 4DRedshift
Ten Different Takes on Reality - Designing the Titles for TEDxSydney

The title sequence for TEDxSydney 2020 was an absolute how did they do that?

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Layer

Learn to better manage your many layers in this exploration of the Photoshop Layer Menu.

PhotoshopIllustratorCinema 4DAfter Effects
Why Motion Design Needs Graphic Designers

The world of motion design needs more Graphic Designers...and we'll tell you why that's a good idea for you.

Find Out Which School of Motion Course is Right for You

Take This Quick Quiz to Determine Which SOM Course is Right for You

After Effects
Getting Started with Wave and Taper in After Effects

Learn to animate way shapes and growing plants with new tools in After Effects.

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Image

Learn how to better manipulate your images in Photoshop inside the Image menu.