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Tricks for Overcoming Creative Block

Having trouble coming up with your next great idea? We've got a system to help you out.

Understanding the Adobe Illustrator Menus - File

Learn how to get the most of Adobe Illustrator's top menus, beginning with File.

A Blueprint to Expand Your Career with Remington Markham

If you need a blueprint for taking control of your career, look no further than Remington Markham.

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Window

Our last look into the Photoshop menus has us peeking out the window.

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Cinema 4DUnreal EngineBlender
Why You Should Learn 3D as a Motion Designer

3D animation and design is changing the Motion Design industry, so why is it so important to learn right now?

Cinema 4DUnreal EngineBlender
The Most Popular 3D Software of 2021

With so many 3D programs to choose from, we've put together a list of our favorites for 2021.

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - View

There's more to the View menu than just zooming in and out! Let's dive in this Photoshop menu together.

After EffectsPremiere Pro
10 Motion Graphics Tools Video Editors Need to Know

If you're struggling to pull off motion design as an editor, maybe you need to look at a new program. Have you met our friend After Effects?

Ready, Set, Refresh - Newfangled Studios

When is it time to update your brand? We asked Newfangled Studios about their recent refresh, and you gotta hear this!

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - 3D

When the going gets tough, you might just need to create a 3D object in...gasp...Photoshop!

After Effects
Tricks for Creating a Hand-Drawn Look in After Effects

How can we quickly and efficiently create a hand-drawn look for our animations in After Effects?

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Filter

Learn how to make the most of Filters in this look at the Filter menu in Photoshop.